Thursday, March 24, 2011

Being in YOUR Dream Life

Imagine now the famous person of your choice — the one you perhaps struggle not to idolise. You inwardly envy them for having ‘the dream life’. You think how one of their best days might be. They would not have enough days to live — so surreal would life be!

We can have that life. Indeed, we already have it, we just don’t see it.

Whatever life we have, we have.

It’s ours and we own each minute. We’re living the dream. Though, you may remain unconvinced.

Tapping into Possible Truths

On my best-of-days — as they’ve been ending — I’ve come to loath them because normalcy must make its return. Surely this is the same for the person we highly esteem; the one we think has it all.

They already have it all. Or perhaps they don’t. They see a different horizon to what we do. Maybe they’d envy our lives? (Imagine that!)

I’m reminded vividly, at this point, of my petty complaints, and the fact that my own dream life remains more proximal than ever doesn’t deter me looking over the fence. Some hours I cannot be satisfied, despite the chronic and enduring intercession of the Lord over my life.

That’s a truth I can’t contend against. It’s a fact that weaves its way over, in and through each of our lives.

Being Alive IS the Dream Life

At the cusp of time are we; as if surfing the cosmic wave.

Yes, beyond eternity, but for a time, we exist in bodily form — for whatever reason. There is a purpose. We just don’t always know it, for when we lose grip of our purpose we flounder. And any distraction can come in and sweep this purpose of ours far from periodic sight.

Linking purpose to the fact of the present-held life is enough for awareness of the dream to subsist.

But facts are one thing, to feel it is another.

Experience – the Dream Factor

The actual fact of living is the dream factor. We just don’t see it, mainly because we’re so preoccupied with our vast and passing concerns — a list, at times, too endless to contemplate.

Being in our dream lives is so close it cannot be reconciled, but it will not remain in our conscious minds for long. Still, the practice is one of the mind; enjoying stillness with itself.

Experience has it. Not the depth or length or width or height of experience, but simply the breathing-in and breathing out experience that’s common to all.

What we best do is learn to experience. But it’s a moment by moment reality; something for which we must accept.

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

Graphic Credit: Dale Tidy.

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