Monday, March 21, 2011

Decision Time – What, When, How

Each of us has a decision to make: implement or delay.

Only we as individuals know what the decision is about, but we know it’s important. Whether we decide to implement now or delay, the action rests mainly in the consequences and planning. Some things must start now or else. Other things need to be planned. Knowing the difference is wisdom.

Then there’s indecision—one arch-nemesis of inner peace.

Decision times rest in contemplation. One willed move, though, and there we have it; done and dusted! Watch as the new reality unfolds.

But, just as the urge can be overwhelming to act, the slightest hesitation should be enough to cease. This can be the gentle whisper of the Almighty calling us to sense the Divine movement of the Holy Spirit.

What – when – how.

The matters that arrive on our doorstep, now, are the matters warranting decision.

Stress not for the irrefutable parlance of indecision. The right moment will come, and the anger of panic beforehand is a waste of emotional energy.

Wait... stand... deliver.

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

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