Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Two Ways of Achieving the Lighter Life

“Why run by life, when you can walk?”

~Anna Grice.

As a manner of living, far too many of us are caught up in a cyclic existence of run, run, run. Our workloads added to our family routines, and what little space we have for ourselves, and a lack of good diet, adequate exercise and proper sleep, can combine toward a relentless feast of overload tending toward burnout, even depression.

At each year’s end we may say to ourselves, “This is enough! I must learn from these mistakes of panicked living.”

Yet, we don’t and won’t unless the need for change outstrips the need to stay the same. Perhaps what we haven’t grasped yet is the practice of walking by life instead of running by it.

Slowing Down Helps Us Appreciate the View

Walking as opposed to running—flitting from here to there—is a grand portion of courage to go at the pace that God dictates, and not at the speed of our fearful hearts (without cognisance of God’s Presence with us).

Slowing down requires courage from us; to change and to risk disappointing people.

But slowing down is worth it because of what is coming to us: efficacy, esteem, and all sorts of spiritual bounty.

Of most basic knowledge so far as slowing down is concerned is we’re able to begin to enjoy life. Happiness is within grasp. When we begin to see that it’s actually God’s will that we achieve this lighter life, we’re enthralled, because it’s not only what makes sense, but suddenly life becomes fair as we thought it always should’ve.

God Really Wants Us Happy*

“God wants us to be happy. That’s why He made laughter feel so good.”

~Lynn Dockery Roberts.

This is a truth that’s often missed when we’re depressed. Indeed, it takes us to a broader truth, still. There are many things, of which laughter is one, which God made for us to enjoy. Laughter is an excellent example because it’s so primal to joy.

The Bible, and no less Jesus, tells us that we’re to expect persecution in this life if we’re to live the gospel reality.

Happiness, believe it or not, is achievable even in such circumstances.

Our main reason for persecution is we cling to the truth and we despise lies and distortion. So, we defend the truth and people are upset when we challenge these situations, mainly because they don’t expect people to fight for truth, or they don’t want to deal with it, or us, that way.

When we’ve achieved God’s will for our lives—and this includes advocating truth—we’re happy. God makes sure we’re blessed because of it. This blessing proffers a peace-borne happiness, which is similar to the effect we get after a good laugh (but without the sore cheek muscles!).


Slowing down enough to appreciate the view and living in such ways as to promote the things that God’s created for our happiness are ways to enjoy the lighter life.

Who couldn’t do with a lighter life?

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

*In this article I’ve used “happiness” and “joy” interchangeably for simplicity purposes.

Graphic Credit: Inspirational Short Stories.

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