Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Shattering the Shards of Discouragement

“When the first mile lies behind us we can say, ‘Now that is done, and the second and the third will soon be past’.”

~Robert Morris, One Step at a Time.

There are days that knock the stuffing out of us, let’s be honest.

As we reflect over these days we can hardly see survival for the next, let alone the rest of the journey. Hope vanishes.

The issuing billows of discouragement cloud our eyes, stinging them sore of optimism, as we choke on the deoxygenated air of pride gone wrong. What attends is anger, resentment and pity—and, yes, fatigue.

Shattering the shards of spiritual discouragement is not so much a difficult thing as it’s a process for resuming vision for the entire landscape of the journey set to proper context. A trigger kick-starts the process and enjoying reflections of achievement completes it.

The Value of a Trigger

Getting back on track is what we desire, no matter how that is managed for individual persons.

I, personally, often use a trigger to repent before the Lord. A song sung to the words of Psalm 51 is all that’s needed for God to melt my heart again, fusing it with the Divine. This trigger turns my spiritual fortunes. I’m healed instantly or soon after, from the deepest of circumstantial malaise.

Triggers are incredibly personal things; what engenders encouragement for one person has little effect on the next. Everyone has their triggers; to find and go to in the hour of need.

Rejuvenating Encouragement – Enjoying Achievement

Everyone needs encouragement, even the toughest of the tough.

And the biggest encouragement is knowing the steps on the path are certain as we look back over them and to reflect on that first mile we’ve already travelled.

No one can take that mile away from us; we’ve notched it up on the woodwork of life experience.

Everybody, in reality, has already accomplished their proverbial first mile. One step more, and then another, is taking us undeniably closer to the second. The more we look back in forward pose we see the miles increase. Like time that shifts interminably forward, so our steps attest to the grace of our indelible achievement, step by step.

Those steps are metaphorical for anything proactive thing we do when we’re tempted to give it all away.

Those steps have myriad form and they will form basis for growth and strength that the whole world will look on and honour.

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

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