Monday, March 28, 2011

The Lord Showed Me a Vision of You

As I arrived home there you were,

About-faced you sat with hardly a care,

Then the Lord sparked within me a jaw-dropping slur,

Suddenly enriched my mind began to stare.

It’s hard to contemplate amiss,

Just how I can,

Get moody with you upon vision of this,

Knowing the heaven-charted plan.

The vision exposed from above,

For my mind to observe,

Was of a wife provided to love,

Mine’s the role to serve.

As I stood there mouth agape,

Provision of my Lord,

A being of such womanly shape,

I ask, “My love can this afford?”

My heart did attend,

Now braced and thankfully stirred,

My vision to apprehend,

My mind now attractively deterred.

Volley of fancy,

I could not desist,

Commitment of constancy,

You, I cannot resist.

Finalising this note,

How can it be done?

Translating love to rote,

Cannot be much fun.

The vision here is one to rate,

Reflecting as it became,

A glossy, truth-felt portrait,

And beauty with want to reclaim.

There you sit before me – unaware of my affection,

Blessed am I to note the wisdom of this envisioned power,

Heart’s stirred, holy, to astonished reverberation,

From which my human pride – praise God – will no doubt cower.


It’s an awesome thought to be windswept to the land of God’s Presence in a vision.

This vision was a flicker in the mind of a man at work, but at home in his heart. One flash and there it was right before me.

Any Wife – Any Husband – Any Body

It’s not just my wife that’s spectacularly and ravishingly beautiful. I tend to think that it’s possible that any of us could (or should) see the raw splendour of our partners, however unrefined or elegant they are.

One human being has the attention of God such that they were created; wonderfully made, indeed, and maintained.

Our job is to appreciate this work of wonder, and in one fellow human being we have the embodiment of God as God would have them known.

This builds to an even bigger truth. How many people live their lives not loved — by their experience — like they deserve to be loved? Too many; far too many.

We live insulated lives and most of us Westerners don’t see the half of it — the sin that reviles the consciousness of God by manner of the oppressed in most regions of the world.


Have we lost track? That’s right, we were appreciating the beauty of my wife... and yours... or your husband.

God has gifted us with these precious beings — to live with and love and enjoy.

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

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