Saturday, March 12, 2011

Making the Better Decision

At a crossroad we’re tempted to turn right or left rather than go straight through.

Not only are there stop and caution signals creating physical barriers and safety controls, so we don’t plunge headlong into intersecting traffic, there are barriers in the mind also... “Will I meet what I think I’ll meet there?”

Much trepidation is experienced on approach to any significant junction of life.

Whether we see it or not, we invariably need to continue on our way, unless we’re purposed to take a right or a left.

The Straight-Through Decision

Most important decisions in life are straight-through, or to continue on our present bearing.

But it’s both normal and natural to misunderstand the flow of life, thinking things are changing irreparably. Panic is a remarkably common emotion, almost as if predicting change is instinctive to our spiritual sonar.

We can be trapped, for instance, thinking that as negative change occurs in our workplace that we’re compelled, suddenly, to look for new work. Our minds work overtime. And all we’re invariably doing is over-blowing the extent of these events. We forget too easily that change is part of the scene of life.

‘Direction’ to Change Direction

Sometimes we’re genuinely directed—presumably by our understanding and discernment of the Spirit—to shift tack. Perhaps we’ve been on a broken or sinful road and now’s time to turn for life. Maybe a mini-journey is ending and we’re forced to adjust.

Direction for re-direction can be tested. For example, will it improve life with certainty? Or does it come with some level of risk? Are the risks acceptable? Do we have a choice?

Unless life is very unsatisfactory, change that’s muted is unlikely to shift the status quo markedly. Sometimes dissatisfaction is the last starting point from where satisfaction can be found. It appears that we’re not in the right mindset to judge with the right motives. Changing direction in desperation is hence fraught with danger.

The Better Decision – To Keep Going

Life doesn’t change that much, generally. That is disregarding major life developments which do happen. But for most of us, life continues to evolve slowly.

The better decision, then, as we’re stilted of vision and courage at those barrier-like junctions, is to bear up and find our best, safe way through the emergence of traffic and all manner of hazards.

The better decision is to soak up the tremors and quaking constitution and drive ahead with careful purpose, intelligently aware of the barbs that might somehow lodge between the spokes of our ‘wheeled’ progress.

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

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