Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Science of the Relapse

Without doubt the worst fear of the person in recovery is the relapse. For all their work and with every day ‘clean’ they derive new confidence. And so they should.

But what hangs interminably in the balance is the threat of recurrence.

This negative motivation drives many people into raptures of energised action to not only protect the future, but to provide for it. Little wonder people arrive at their personal salvation points from here; the rock bottom facilitated the phoenix rising from the ashes.

A Brief Study on the Nature of Addiction

In most people’s terms addiction issues are unspeakable—so much shame follows people entrapped.

Cigarettes, alcohol, gambling, illicit drugs, pornography, food, and any other practice or substance we’d care to name are potential objects that trap.

The addictive personality is remarkably common. Many just have their safe limits within which to adhere to, mostly due to physiological tolerance levels that are beyond their wills.

It is a great blessing, for instance, to be made violently ill from the ingestion of moderate amounts of alcohol. It’s those who can bear enormous amounts that are cursed; their high tolerance for the substance means they have no natural limit. They don’t even achieve intoxication when many others would.

People with addictive natures tend to be passionate, all-or-nothing people. The good thing about that is the fact they’ll have strength levels higher than others to resolve their issues, so long as they’re honest with themselves.

When Relapses Happen

Relapses do happen and when they do it’s not the end of the world, though it feels like a tragedy’s occurred. It’s just another turning point in our learning, that’s all.

Relapses test the tenacity of our resolve. Recommencing the recovery process is only a firm decision away.

The temptations are ever-present. Indeed, everyone in recovery has woken from their horrible dreams where they’ve dreamt of relapsing. This is ‘worst nightmare’ status.

So, when a relapse does occur it’s a cruel blow.

The biggest learning for someone in recovery from relapse is relearning the fact they’ll always be in recovery—that life can subsist in this state for the rest of the journey.

Always in Recovery

A big part of recovery is owning the process.

One thing that separates the person successful in their recovery from those that aren’t is the ability to be comfortable with the thought of always being in recovery. Once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic. Once a smoker, always a smoker. This list goes on. There is appropriateness to the fear expended in treading the wary way, around these nemeses.

There is strength from the position of such weakness. What we’re honest about cannot harm us. From this platform the Spirit’s power is firm and made known.

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

Graphic Credit: Clonazepam Addiction Help.

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