Thursday, October 7, 2010

Your Courage IS the Answer

To just about every question that clings right now – to every doubt – courage is the answer.

How can it be that we can know such definitive an answer—especially to such a broadly-positioned question? It’s actually very easy. Courage leads us to places where we find what we’re looking for.


In anger, courage looks for, and finds, patience for peace. It has the wisdom to know there’s more to this anger than meets the eye. It finds the primary emotion and wrangles successfully with its truth, installing it into the reaches of the accepted consciousness.

Striving (Greed)

In striving, courage contends for the moment holding out for results. It goes and keeps going, but in wisdom it hopes also to know the restraint of self-control. Striving is only good to a point. Beyond noble purposes striving takes us beyond the sublime into a place where we are no longer home with ourselves. Courage finds us accepting we cannot have everything we see.


In concern extending to worry, it is courage that quells the heart in reconciling faith. It somehow knows that hope lives over the horizon, on a plateau just beyond sight, that which is ever eternal. The answer to this conundrum is the answer to all conundrums—the courage to wait and see.

Decision Making

In deliberating, courage is known to speculate among the options. It reserves judgment until all is known. It steps back and canvasses the field, wanting to acknowledge all the candidates.


In jealousy, courage provides the way. It goes outside the realm of comparison and seeks refuge only in itself with God. It separates the likely winner of winners from the also-rans and goes the way hardly anyone else does. It therefore skirts the allure to envy by being set apart, morally, for God. It leaves the scene of the battle.


In gentle-paced and non-ridiculing humour, it is courage that has won the day, delivering joy to the purveyor of truth. It laughs the laugh of a victor, happy with their work and the faith to follow good guidance. Sense is vindicated and that brings joy.


In temptation to laziness, courage forms into diligence, and that to act. It decides using the will from the mind to just go and do. Courage always has the answer where there’s work concerned. It will take command over the weakish heart and prove wise via the plain agency of its faith to undertake.


In the presence of real and present danger, courage fortifies the spirit to contend or diminish—adjudicating with wisdom the best track. Courage is not fight or flight; it’s both at the same time. It runs with flight when it discerns the fight is a folly, yet it fights a creditable fight when the causes of wisdom as they’re personally applicable are challenged.

Courage is the answer.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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