Friday, October 8, 2010

Venturing In That ‘Other’ World – No Fear

Our memories both regale us and betray us – expanding our sense of reality, exploding our feelings for times both irretrievable and mystical.

We’re favoured by our tremendous memories not as much as perhaps they haunt us; but so they are... memories.

If we dabble into those memories that get us keenly acknowledging our lives, however, we will stand to be enhanced with a truer sense of a meaning about ourselves.

In that ‘other’ world we draw upon the echo of our soul’s grasp on a reality no one else but ourselves can ever know. The ‘other’ world is ours and God’s alone—a collective reality with good secrets in abundance, all for our exploration.

But we’re warned there is pain there. No risk, no return.

The Reason Many Don’t or Won’t Explore

This other world is a glorious paradise only after hellishness of it is reconciled, for darkness must be evacuated of fear before light can shine freely and unembossed.

There are all manner of divergences to memory that prevent us from exploring, and therefore exploiting, our memories. People choose denial for a myriad of reasons, or worse, they shelve their exploding feelings under the cloak of a drink or a drug or some other distraction.

There is a fear of the truth here. They do not realise or expect that the sharpness of the truth is quite clean, and one that is destined to bring them wellbeing as they would courageously open up to it.

Explore, Then Exploit

There are two very distinct differences in the process of opening up to our memories, despite the fear that prevents us dabbling in that dangerous area of our pasts.

Exploration requires courage to enact the very processes of delving—to uncover awareness. What comes with it is a preparedness for challenge and one for uncertainty, but a willingness come what may.

Exploitation, on the other hand, requires discipline to act on what’s been uncovered and to take it right through to completion—or as far as possible. This of itself also suggests courage is necessary too.

No Fear, Really

The mantra “No Fear” was very big not long ago (and maybe still is). The truth is there is very little to truly fear in this life other than the ravages of sin. Indeed, even though we have the capacity to feel, our feelings are nothing to be scared of. They certainly should not prevent us from exploring our pasts and any and every pain that we’ve endured. We cannot be healed otherwise (and we all need healing, and continually so it seems).

Only in doing so, in the uttermost courage, will we even begin to reap the freedom of peace that God has predestined us to have.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

For those choosing to explore a troubled past, the assistance and support of a professionally trained counsellor is advised.

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