Thursday, October 7, 2010

Champions of Lowliness

The lonely have one thing over the prosperous: God’s very present empathy. The Spirit succours the lonely and the afraid – those who come with decency of heart, truthfully and humbly before their God.

There’s hardly a more inspirationally grand truth. The lowly soul at the depths of their life—and of life itself—can ask God and they can receive. God’s not coming to anyone quicker than these.

Champions each one are they who come now to the Throne of Grace to receive their due of God’s resplendent and limitless love.

Come now. Go there to him who helps. Sitting with the Father of Grace deep in the terror of our lowly moments is basking in something that words cannot describe, yet it’s a deeply relational thing; a thing only God could do.

Go, champion the cause of lowliness and be lifted in so much as the moment will allow, God always respecting us more than we can even respect ourselves, never trampling ground we’d not have trampled. God is there with us in that torpor of contentment and peace we perhaps have in us right now, and as the swarms of hell’s wasps encircle, there is an angel astride our hearts bidding successfully for our souls.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

This article was inspired by the heart at depth and the timeless harmonies of The Lonely Shepherd.

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