Thursday, October 14, 2010

Doing ‘Enough’ to Overcome the World

Life’s not really about mastering the world. Master yourself and you’ve done better than that.

When we consider that doing little complementary bits and pieces here and there is far more powerful a statement for our lives, and for the achievement of our necessary and desired goals, than doing huge days/weeks of work, we’re very much relieved. There is a lot that can be gleaned from the concept of ant-like diligence in just doing what we can when we can do it.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? It’s much more difficult to actually achieve.

Very often we put things off—due to our propensity for procrastination, and because we perhaps skirt those threats at ‘stress’—and therefore things begin to pile up on us. Ironically, for trying to resist stress we become even more stressed-out.

When Life Gets ‘Big’ On Us

I’ve said it many times: we human beings are quickly overwhelmed. One day we’ll be cruising; the next we’re inundated. All that changed was perhaps two or three large things and a handful of smaller ones; quickly our conscious minds fail to cope. We’re swimming in chaos and not many call that fun.

But, ‘keeping up’ in life is a great motto.

This is very much about being honest with ourselves as it is being authentic in the world, for all great ventures begin ‘inside,’ within the den of determination, passion and purpose.

Life is likely to not get as big on us when we’re doing the small things we can, when we can.

Breaking Even - A Worthy Achievement

Many fail because they set their standards unreasonably high—they’re not being realistic or fair on themselves. Instead, it is just as easy to lower the bar slightly and enjoy that level of achievable success—and consistently so.

It’s consistency that reaps us accolades, and not just from others either. Giving ourselves pats on the back for jobs done well is certain as we more fully ‘fill’ our time with good things done, however small. We enjoy that feeling.

Perhaps one of the keys to living an almost perfectly content life—to the highest sustainable level—is to recognise a good level of consistent daily achievement, dispelling overtures to some who might see it as mediocrity, and then just simply live in that self-disciplined reality.

No frills, just intent, day in, day out.

What we’ll find when we’ve arrived there for any length of time is that fact of ‘world domination’... we have overcome the world’s want to put us in our place because we’ve grown to be at harmony with our world.

To overcome the world we must first overcome ourselves, and we do this by the little things more than the big.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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