Saturday, October 30, 2010

Living Every Minute with Purpose

“Worry ducks when purpose flies overhead.”

~C. Astrid Weber.

A minute without purpose is one we contemplate fearfully. Another minute or so, or perhaps thirty, and we become embroiled, perhaps, in a trap to the dead area of the purposeless soul, and we begin to believe the lie that beckons over us. Worries over nothing—or at least, comparatively little—sweep through our consciousness.

Purpose is an alluring concept. There is probably not a more important thing to have before us as we contemplate life in the present and immediate future.

It is, therefore, most adroit of us to seek to live every minute we can with purpose, and even as we rest, we rest and rejuvenate with purpose in mind. It is a purposeful sojourn.

Avoiding Worry and Vexatious Concern

The very best way to fix a negative is to drown it out with a positive.

This works so well for those seeking to break a bad habit, like giving up smoking or losing weight, because they do something they can control to augment their overall purpose. They exercise or get more active, for instance.

Purpose is something positive in an overall way. It fills otherwise empty voids. It takes the place of the negative that would otherwise encroach. It shifts our focus.

Worries have a role in that they remind us that we’ve lost vision of our purpose; somehow we’ve wound up off track and we must, therefore, re-register our spiritual global positioning device to find our bearings again. Our purpose re-doubles for protection from worry and vexatious thought or concern.

Our purpose, hence, opposes our worries, and constructively at that.

What If No Purpose Can Be Found?

For some, just searching for a purpose is purpose enough.

For others, there is a vacancy of achievement to have a purpose. It seems to constantly elude. Really, almost anything meaningful will do. Everyone can find something meaningful, even if it might not seem that meaningful to others.

And for times there also comes the opportunity for us to seek out new purposes or confirmation of existing or old ones. Sometimes these are brave ventures as we take our leave-of-absence to take in the vistas of life in terms of their taking us into frontiers not yet known. A momentary cessation can, in fact, be the perfect purpose, but for a time.

All of life—the good life—rests on finding, exploring and hoping on, the purpose.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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