Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Truth to Manifest unto the Abundant Life

ALMOST EVERYTHING WE DO IS MANIFEST, POTENTIALLY, IN LIES. This is hardly ever considered, yet its effects, when the lie occurs, are almost always disastrous. It is for this reason we’re basically compelled to face up to truth—if we don’t, she will sting us.

And who doesn’t know this already, at least implicitly?

Falling Short

Every time I fall short of my best I’m suffering to the lie—that I can afford to live an unaccountable life. This is a gross fallacy when I consider that one day I will meet God, my personal Judge—then I’ll answer to him. And in a sense we answer to him now by the natural and imposed consequences that speak of “judgment” in this world.

We will all fall short, but it is one thing to mistakenly fall short and yet another to deliberately or intentionally do same.

Truth and Our Purpose

We will never approach anything close to achieving our true function and purpose in life until we come prostrate before the truth, honouring her—like wisdom­—reverently. And for what it’s worth, God is truth—much like he is love, wisdom, grace etc.

When we hold truth as our purpose we have the very best opportunities of actually living our purpose—the one at present possibly locked to God. He possibly won’t show us until we’re ready for it. We won’t see it until we’re ready for it.

The Accountable Life

To live the truthful life in as many ways as possible is to live the accountable life. This life in its earnestness is set apart to everything, barring God. The God-force throbs heartily at the centre of this person’s being.

The accountable life is the one taking appropriate (i.e. balanced) responsibility for all it should, but resisting taking responsibility for that which it shouldn’t. Responsibility, in this way, is balance as it is wisdom.

Truth and Abundance

And the life lived truly knows abundance because truth is abundance. It cannot be shackled to the things of this world, to its own flesh desires, or to the satanic spirit because it has forgone self. The truth-lived life is a sacrificial existence. It doesn’t care so much the outcomes of life as they’re personally concerning—the outcomes are as they are, and certainly as they eventually end up, apparent in truth.

Relational Truth

Whenever we’re disappointed with ourselves or others we should take counsel from the truth, for it is at this level that we’re probably subconsciously aggrieved. We have a fine meter and tolerance for breaches to truth; for instance, our expectations are an abstract form of truth—they’re what we believe are collectively-held truths.

Truth — the End in Itself

When we come routinely to truth and we’re finally transformable to it, we’re found alive spiritually and a force for God to be reckoned with. Lies are atrocious at any level; any sense of the inauthentic is shunned, even the bits where we’d otherwise be tempted to justify incongruence as okay.

Truth when tested is quite diabolically paradoxical—it will always surprise us as to what God is up to in having us deal in truth. And we must always be humble enough to walk with God in this. This is faith.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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