Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Going Higher

Ever had a purposeless time when you couldn’t sleep on a shiftless night? Nothing particular was wrong but there was also nothing stimulating either. Or perhaps there were too many niggling, unreconciled issues? There was a vacancy of solving thought and a gap in contentment... a time when you can’t quite put a finger on the problem and therefore ‘install’ just the right solution.

Going higher, I have found, is the idea fix on.

This is done practically and spiritually.

Practically, it’s brainstorming all that ‘stuff’ that blocks our vital essence, interrupting our spiritual flow. Get it down on paper.

Spiritually, it’s holding out in a pleasantly patient hope which binds us to something higher; an ideal, a fresh purpose, anything to invigorate and yet not deny.

Finally, this is where a good friend comes in. We sit with them and rummage around in our confusion together; we find something to laugh about. And yet, some of us prefer to go it alone. The Divine Friend is the one we can seek.

Going higher is then about prayer. It is easy. Just talk honestly in your thoughts.

Going higher is resolving this little mess we have victoriously. Nothing can stem this rolling tide of inner joy we’re creating as we contend with the soul at unrest. Sure, it might be contingent on the moment, but we have it now.

Enjoy the now.

Going higher is basically getting active—either or both spiritually and physically—resolving and acting on the little sense and direction we do have. Use it. Work with it. You’ll soon see what you’re creating for yourself.

God is with us in this.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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