Thursday, May 6, 2010

GRACE - the Answer for Every Despairing Thing

HOW DO WE GRAPPLE WITH THE JUNK IN OUR PASTS? The following sonnet and the commentary at the end are designed to tease open the topic toward a wonderful reality... grace is the answer.

Blindness to capture,

a place unaware,

nothing to rapture,

but a strident despair.

Narrow the vision,

forward the lock,

belt down provision,

aspire to stock.

Winsome and cunning,

harrowed but true,

all ways stunning,

if only we knew.

Holding to grace,

on heirlooms of spite,

ushering the peace,

toward open delight.

Taking to truth,

filing it away,

boldness strewth!

hope for today.


Answers for ‘Junk’

What do we do with our junk? We subject it to a matchless graceand the best thing is it’s totally free but for our attitude of willingness and an openness of heart and mind. These are essential for grace to massage its way into our otherwise troubled pasts.

Self Forgiveness

This is coming at direct terms with the issues of self forgiveness. This is that ability to forgive ourselves for being trapped in circumstances we find both presently untenable, yet we also know we couldn’t get out of in the past i.e. we can’t change the decisions and responses we made back then. So, then, it is insanity to mess with it.

Why do we cruel ourselves for things usually beyond our control? It’s simple. We have to live with ourselves and we have to reconcile the mess, somehow. It’s our very own personal conundrum. And we can only reflect it onto ourselves—it’s all we know how to do; it’s all we can do.

Grace - its Nature and Agency

Grace overrules our sense of strident inadequacy and spiritual pensiveness. It calms the welling seas of insurmountable emotional chaos. It quells the raging voice inside and commands us to relax. It is bigger than any of our problems.

Grace works in such a way as to not deny the painful truth, but to make it palatable anyway. And in this way grace is truth—it is indeed the total congruence of fact, taking all on in an unstilted, bold courage that fears not for self—for self is protected by the will and Presence of our Almighty God. Grace is unconquerable.

Grace is the purposed end of everything, and more. When we find ourselves in grace we find finally we’ve understood life. It’s not therefore just an end in itself, but it’s also the means to the vision of an end that makes some sort of sense—as much as we humans can understand anyway. Otherwise grace is too much for us—it does our head in. We enquire too much and then we’re deluded past the innocent presence of grace. We’re best to simply accept grace for what it is.

Grace is your answer and it is also mine. It’s God’s corrective to a myriad of problems we all face—all of them, barring none.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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