Sunday, May 30, 2010

“Never Again, Never Ever” – A Solemn Pledge of Change

Sometimes in life we need to take hold of that solemn promise of our hearts and make it again before God. And it’s not before time—after all, we’ve lived under the curse of a lie for some time.

This occurs to everyone. None are spared of that acrid habit which must finally be attended to—and let go—once and for all.

We do this first for our survival and then for our growth, because we can’t grow until we attend to things that are holding us back.

No matter the amount of times of our previous visitations of habit renewal we take to this fresh challenge in a new way. The previous times we’ve buckled—perhaps one hundred times—but not now.

We chart our course and set sail—the standards of which are agreed on before embarkation. But, first, let us be warned...

The Folly of Willpower Alone

‘Willpower’ is a tremendously contentious thing.

We find out how pathetic it is many more times than we find its alluring power—the power of God indwelt within us to achieve ‘the impossible’—a.k.a. the previously-thought impossible. Many people do not see that a requirement of willpower is God’s blessing.

Many times willpower is unfairly maligned because we compromise any number of ways, handcuffing the power of the will to get us over the line during our time of temptation. What we truly need is that incomprehensible power of God—through our prayers to him—that will augment our willpower.

Willpower embellished with this indwelt Spiritual power of God, which any of us can tap into, of course, is the way through.

The Resolve – “Never Again, Never Ever”

It hasn’t mattered how much we’ve failed before. We’re set for success now!

When we bring to bear spiritual determination with a solid plan, one that attends to all the issues of practicability, and we infuse ourselves with the preparedness to conquer these things one-day-at-a-time, nothing really stands in our way, truly.

But we do need to refresh our approach every single day for a lot longer than we think. A few days, a week or three, and beyond; we do need to derive confidence with every successful day this new resolve is maintained.

No more compromising, we steadfastly maintain our resolve of discipline through one day. Then we tackle the second, being aware one-moment-at-a-time. Then the third and so on...

Every which way we say, Never again, never ever will I [fill in the blank].”

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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