Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Three Most Important Commodities - Time, Good Diet and Sleep

One of the enduring lessons I’ve found in my life is the recurring themes implicit in living wisdom—facts none of us can get far enough away from; haunting facts that intercede to our bliss or chagrin, yet never quite intersecting the two. Three things make the difference.

These three at least are critical truths we must learn to abide with; we don’t to our own spiritual demise.


It stands for no person. Yet, this is only the start of it. When I refer to time I actually mean priorities. We always get the time for the things we want to do. We prioritise these things and they happen. We just need to decide if they’re the right things, at the right time, done in the right ways, or not.

Time, secondarily, is about pace of life. Sometimes we live too fast; achieving too much. At other times we’re slack and procrastinate. The former means time is too slow for us; we must slow to it. The latter means time is outstripping us—we need to keep pace with time.

There is no better personal reality than being on God’s time; attendant to his schedule is patient swiftness. It is our role in life to continually re-calibrate our personal clocks with God’s.

Good Diet

This is more or less about self control. I have struggled so much with this and yet, such is God’s grace—with my body type at least, I’ve not been condemned for my indiscretions so far as diet’s concerned. Still, I do for the greater part watch carefully what I eat.

In the final analysis, food is fuel. That is its sole purpose. We might ‘tart it up’ more than this but it gets no more complicated than that. Why, then, do we eat the way we do? That’s because it’s become for us a habit of comfort. There is an embarrassment of blessing at hand for most of us and we don’t know how to respect it.

Let’s remember that food is fuel and slowly but surely we’ll rein in our waist-lines.


I believe everything health-wise settles around our sleep—the quantity and quality of it. By saying this I think a huge holistic health and wellbeing benefit is derived from good sleep; there are so many spinoffs.

God made us in ways to rest. We need it. Just because we live in a so-called busy time doesn’t mean we can manipulate God’s laws of nature. When we burn the candle at both ends it is only we who perish—month by stinking month we go downhill and there is hardly a return until we start to choose for rest.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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