Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Peace Between the Ears

There was a time in my life where, like many, I had this constant war going on in my head.

Now, this war wasn’t always about negative stuff but it did involve a mind that continually spun at light speed on an axis of lightly greased bearing. Good thoughts but no peace!

My brain hurt. It was as simple as that. I recall talking about it with others, and some in my family, and envying those who had a ‘stilled’ mind. (The stilled mind, from what I can understand, is not always spiritually-exclusive.)

Mental activity these days is far different from the past I mention above—and to think, I cannot recall the exact time it all changed. But the new reality of the stilled mind—which is more or less a constant—has been real for me for what seems like years now.

So, What Happened?

The process can only really be tracked in a higher calling to faith, which mind you, has not been my design at all—God has led me to a place of increased confidence in my own life.

(Again, not everyone who’s achieved this stillness of the mind has anything like the same sort of testimony—but this is definitely one way that I’ve found that works for the person with the overly-analytical mind.)

God has led me to love myself more than I could’ve previously imagined possible. I think that’s a key to acceptance. Acceptance of the world and others is impossible without first having the acceptance of self, a.k.a. self love. Acceptance—at deeper cognitive levels—seems to be central to having a stilled mind.

God has also given me roles and work to do that are so salaciously ‘me’ and these are a joy to complete for him. I’m living a purpose-driven life, as Rick Warren would describe it.

Over all this is an abiding faith in Jesus—my personal friend and Saviour.

The Actual Answer

Establishing an abiding peace that works at the level of the harmony of the mind, for me, requires a spiritual competence founded in a practical confidence. This confidence can only come from a God-involved and a God-anointed self love.

This end cannot be achieved without faith at an everyday practiced level.

I don’t know how it works but to say when we search without giving up we’ll eventually find what we’re looking for, if we’re prepared to listen ruthlessly to God’s Spirit and calling.

Peace between the ears must have a connection with the heart that’s at rest—a soul attuned and accepting of where God’s placed us.

Stopping the war is not a case of running from it. It’s not either a case of fighting it. It’s running in the direction of faith unto confidence unto peace from hope.

It’s running in a way that most people do not ordinarily or easily see.

Run to God—he’ll show you.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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