Thursday, February 25, 2010


Not just in posture but so in attitude,

A wonderful reality, a feeling imbued,

A state, a feeling, of strident awares,

Joy abounding—a preponderance of golden cares!

Standing tall under the sun,

Placed an accord, a good deed done,

Hardly a worry it’s considered complete,

Under the grace of God’s king seat.

Standing tall I feel above it now,

In cultured India, equal to a cow,

Footloose and fanciful I dance and caress,

Nothing like it, quite simply, I really must confess.

Feeling six foot when you’re only five foot ten,

Large enough really, compared to London’s Big Ben,

What can I think of to compare this feeling to?

I really do not know but it’s not making me blue!

Standing tall about the gate,

Wonder perhaps what’ll meet my fate?

Generating an accord of joy,

Always better than the darkest ploy.

Standing tall I can tell you now,

Much better truly than beating the brow,

Hold it now as long as you can,

Do it now, I’ll be your biggest fan!

How do I conclude now when I feel I’ve only started?

Well, that’s no biggie—it’s not like I’ve been martyred,

Standing tall might be the best there’s ever been,

Like departing here in this state as nothing ever seen!


It doesn’t happen often but at times we just feel tall. Erect we stand, refreshed for the challenges that are about to beset us—we feel prepared, confident, able; a capacity to burn!

There’s a certain joy about us, a skip in our step. Gee, it might only last an hour or two, but how we feel just now! Tremendous!

Joy can feel so, ‘boxed up and gift-wrapped, decorated and lace-strapped; put under the tree, it’ll be about the best I’ll ever see.’

And this is how I felt for a fleeting few moments—of my “present”—recently as I stood in my bathroom contemplating the day ahead.

Oh for more of that!

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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