Saturday, February 6, 2010

I Feel the Need, the Need for Seed Feed!

SOMETIMES we feel rotten and empty. Our ‘just now’s’ define for us the spiritual landscape as far as anything else is concerned. At losses to explain the sudden depths, we spiral into but a glimpse of how depressed life could actually be—perhaps it is. Scary, we shake ourselves out of it—almost all the time. Staring into the abyss is nothing to behold.

The more we study our world the more we flounder in response to it. It defies our comprehension really, that we live in such a world of infinite size, growth and complexity—where will it end? Will it all end?

Exhaustion. It becomes us easily. When in a place and time we develop such capacities to ‘keep up’ we’re ironically clamouring for air as the waters in our chamber gently but inevitably rise threatening our skywardly stretched noses. We feel the bubbles tickle our nostrils and we wonder how long it will be before the end approaches; we’re drowning emotionally and spiritually. Overload is very unsustainable.

We sigh and wonder. Beaten, beaten and beaten once more, we rise again. We’ve become good at it; but all the same we are wary of the time and circumstance that will stop and cease it all. Could life get any more complicated? Was it really simpler back in 1960? We forget. Casting back so far—it seems so unreal. Yet it was never any less real than now is.

Needs. Never ending really. We have the ongoing need of something so lithe and basic, yet we lose the tension or otherwise the focus for it. The noise of living strangles our focus, our conscience bewildered, the cognitive mind warring with information overload. Suddenly, the ceasing... NUMB.

Relax. The simple things in life are often the best. Cornflakes manufacturers might have a mortgage on the rights to such a slogan, but we own it in our hearts; and it will never be loosened from there.

Decision. Which way at the fork in the road? It’s a trap invariably. Wisdom is needed at these junctures. We must go the road less travelled much of the time; though it’s never the default.

Conscious living. Operating on manual what we would normally do so well in automatic.

Seed. Something; a concept so simple; alleviating, generating growth. It exists to grow and so do we. We are seed, ever prepared to germinate and realise and release our fruitful potential. All we await is water and decent feed. It’s there, always, but we must be judicious.


© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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