Monday, February 22, 2010

Power of Royal Assent

AN AMBULANCE SPEEDS TO HOSPITAL, sirens blaring—a Priority One call—a full-scale emergency in progress. It has the assent of the nation’s sovereign; God’s speed!

Likewise, the filling of the CEO position in a thrivingly vital ministry for poor and orphaned kids otherwise subject to abuse and neglect. It has royal assent by simple virtue of the nature of need.

Both of these precede many other goals of the “Crown” of seemingly equal import. These jump to the head of the queue; and we’re glad, for they reveal the state of the nation’s care for the truly needy.

The power of royal assent dictates the values of the State.

This power is the power that also influences and dictates people’s attitudes and beliefs at a much broader level.

Our political, business and community leaders have more than power; they have much responsibility to devise and promulgate virtuous and wise policy and law.

For this reason they are much vaunted for their task, for temptations to transgress, even for burning out due to exhaustion at the burden placed on them.

The power of royal assent is vital to us all. It is something for which we all depend. We should wholeheartedly respect it!

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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