Monday, February 22, 2010

Okay, Continue Now As You Were... (NOT!)

AT TIMES WE SEND MIXED MESSAGES. We do a great job, and in that, we seek our promotions and opportunities at other ‘more esteemed’ things. Our motives are found confused and totally subliminal when the organisation simply gives its blessing to us continuing as we are; the “freedom” to do more of this good work.

To seek a promotion by doing a good job alone is quite a delusion in the general sense. Although diligence is occasionally rewarded via promotion, people doing a good job are best left where they are. The best chance of getting that promotion you desire is to study or work upon your influence or set yourself apart somehow.

Devoid of getting opportunities to fill higher voids where your skills are mandatory, the organisational pressures won’t thrust you to the forefront nearly as readily as you’d otherwise think. In any event, the opportunities are bound to be fleeting.

The best thing in life is living as close to reality as we can, rejecting the delusion. Delusions, whilst temporary comfortable, always hurt on the way out.

Finding out what you truly want and then having the creativity and innovation to design the path to it; that’s the destiny of the life risk-taker.

This person will achieve their dreams, for they’ve taken it upon themselves to fit their minds and hearts to reality, or at least squeeze out all delusion possible by the simple virtue of continual movement in the direction of their goals.

This is designed resilience, fuelled by a cogent desire for truth.

There could be hardly anything more demoralising than waiting “patiently” for several planets to align (for an instant in time) in order to finally make your move.

Destiny awaits the brave. The tricky bit is determining your moves and their sequence; doing this patiently and wisely, but decisively, is a great life outcome for you and your future and everyone associated with you.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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