Sunday, February 28, 2010


We hardly ever quite see this, but what I’m about to point out is the fact of ‘reverse faith.’

Why do people put their money in banks? Why indeed do people work to build trust and generate respect in relationships? Both of these exist for the same reason...

Interest. Pure and simple, interest.

To illustrate, I recall being somewhat bored and ill-directed one particular day a couple of years ago now. (I can tell you that I do not bore easily.) Anyway, I found myself at the community library and with the few books I had I decided to pour myself into a session of study—in this case, of all things, on the Biblical book of Esther. I hadn’t read it in ages.

I really enjoyed that study and putting my thoughts into an article based on a theme made sense, so I did. I submitted the article and all was well—then onto the next thing.

One of the things I love about God is he’s got this special thing about him—I call it the ‘ministry of surprise.’

Back then I couldn’t see just how many times I’d actually use this article, either to share, or as a discussion prompter, or simply to re-edify myself—being that several hours concentrated study captured always seems to generate many more returns. The fact is I’ve used it over and over again. And not only that, this article has facilitated the starting of a few really joyful interactions as we inevitably share things in common.

The lesson I find out of this—the concept of reverse faith as far as “interest” is concerned—is we can never tell what future and further benefit we’ll derive from our sowing into life.

The idea is seek the task; do it with joy. You never know what extra will come of it!

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

The abovementioned article is hyperlinked: We Were Born for Such a Time as This.

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