Saturday, February 27, 2010


U2 utilised it and it certainly symbolised Madonna’s ongoing success. The fact is re-inventing ourselves and ‘our thing’ is one of the prissiest yet most powerfully sustaining strategies, protecting our ongoing success and viability.

Everyone wants success, however they individually define it.

Although it’s not risk-free, the art of re-inventing ourselves is a much better alternative than simply allowing the ‘interest factor’ to wane of its own accord.

This way we’re continually at “romance” with our world—everything’s so much more exciting and fun.

The merest thought of staying at the cusp—the bleeding edge if you like—can, however, cause much pressure and fear of failure. To re-invent is to simply throw caution to the wind as far as these fears are concerned. Really, you’ve got very little to lose if you trust yourself i.e. your judgment and your trusted guides.

Indeed, this is how we test our wisdom! This is how we trust God.

Setting ourselves apart as the people who not only look dynamic but think dynamically too should be everyone’s goal—perhaps then there’d be less room for envy and petty jealousies as everyone might simply seek to actively self-actualise, and even transcend, themselves. Not a comparison in sight! How inspiring would that world be?

The final goal of re-invention is to keep doing really well those things just now that are ‘going off,’ but to do so in unique ways. The final key is we use our successes in order to make others’ lives better.

Re-invent: explore, create, innovate—implement those ideas. What fun doing so!

Your greatest is still to be achieved.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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