Sunday, July 29, 2012

Letting Go of Bodily Tensions

The deeper unconscious mind, that part of us that battles many hidden foes, instructs the body to feel, and, in that, are aches, pains, disorders, tensions, and felt anxieties.
These impress themselves on our conscious minds and we respond via many levels of conscious and unconscious concern. The bodily disorder is reinforced in a continuous loop of feeling, thinking and acting, from an intrapsychic basis—us relating with ourselves. We feel an ache or pain and we attribute it as stressful.
What all this means, in simple terms, is our bodies tell us how much stress we are under. Our bodies are the giveaway indicator of how we really feel at an unconscious level. Otherwise we might feel everything is good, when, in fact, it may not be.
If we can learn to listen to our bodies, we can discover how we need to let go in order to experience more peace. Our bodies reveal how we actually feel, at an unconscious level.
Where Soul Meets Body
This process, above, could be seen as the soul meeting the body—a marvellous concept highlighted, by phrase, by an indie rock band.
Where bodily processes are perceived, and whereby negative tensions are noticed, the condition of the soul’s need is being made known; it is calling to be freed.
The soul communicates what it wishes us to know via bodily symptoms.
We have the opportunity of letting go—of responding to the tenseness of our souls as they are ‘heard’ through our ailing bodies, psychosomatically.
So, when we learn of these tensions, aches, pains, and varying anxieties by feeling them, our bodies are communicating to us. We need to let go. But that isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Never mind, we are blessed if we persist in learning this age-old art.
Where Body Meets Soul
When we feel our bodies we have vital intelligence regarding our inner psychic health. Aches and pains, for instance, are individual status reports on the actual state of our psychological play.
We can pretend certain stresses and stressors are not affecting us, but often our bodies give us away.
When we feel tensions in the legs, stomach, upper or lower back, or we have a headache, or feel nauseous, etc, we have opportunities for identifying anxieties. These aches and pains can be reduced by consciously letting go and taking the opportunity to relax.
Our bodies are warning us to take heed and listen; to find ways of letting go.
When our bodies have met our souls we have successfully used a relaxation technique, anything that calms us, to reduce our bodily tension and therefore reduce tension at the level of the soul.
What we have done is we have admitted the truth about our anxieties, because we cannot deny our bodies, and, because of our courage, ways of letting go have been discovered and applied.
Then it is up to us to be disciplined and diligent in an ongoing way to continue doing what we can to relax.
Listening to our bodies is a key in learning to let go. Bodily tensions are vital clues. The better we respect what our bodies are saying to us, the better we can attend to our needs for relaxation, and the more inner peace we can experience.
© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

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