Saturday, April 17, 2010

You Are the ONE!

IN EVERY FIELD OF EXCELLENCE there have been some who’ve excelled despite overwhelming odds; the radio DJ and television journalist that ‘don’t have the voice for it,’ the ungainly athlete who wins gold, the mother who overcame disability to become a very special “Mum” to a dear one.

Life itself awaits the emergence of you; the only one who can become the “you” you were always meant to become.

Paraphrasing Rob Bell, ‘There is no good being a second-anyone-else; the world needs the first-yourself.’

Despite the odds against all who do eventually achieve personal greatness they strive forward in pure self-belief. This is the faith of the ‘called person.’ They know their destiny—it’s just the rest of the world that must catch up, that’s all. In the meantime, they just about their business, deliberately and intentionally.

And the world does eventually dip its lid to these—and you too, when you’ve obliterated within your own mind and heart the ignorant and arrogant perception of them who think that you can’t make it.

Where there is small risk there can only be small return.

Nothing ever achieved on the road to greatness was easily achieved, and provided we’re not totally deluded—and most of us aren’t—we can achieve so much on the road to our personal achievement.

One of the truly wonderful things is we have nothing to lose. If we fail, we’ve tried harder than most people thought we would, so we get plaudits from the most unexpected sources; people love a battler, no matter the eventual result. If we succeed, we become heroes and inspirations to everyone looking on.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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