Monday, April 5, 2010

The Lonely and the Vanquished

HOW OFTEN DOES THIS ISOLATION INTRUDE? And how deep does it burrow? Is it just “me” that feels this way? Even in the crowded room, family and friends present, the soul seeks that missing cornice of spiritual ease, if not delight. You remember it, don’t you? Where did it go?

A ‘break-glass’ solution is sought out, with an understated but clamouring desperation. Anything to divert from this grisly void. Trapped a world apart from the world, the souls seeks a hook with which to harness onto.

Watch out for the counterfeits... the tasty food... the drink... the drug... the sex fetish... diverting company... the golden flutter. They promise much—and not the least of which, comfort and welcome pleasure—and yet the emptying abyss grows deeper. This was never a good thing to begin with!

Is this a depression? Is this a miserable message? Of course it is. But it’s the truth.

Loneliness is the ever-present threat to the human condition. It is something we’re all obliged to. Built in the classic materials of fear and lack, it bakes the remaining vestiges of happiness and surety onto its exterior—transformed are they into a rendered finish of helpless hopelessness and vagrant despair.

Even those who believe firmly in God experience loneliness. They hardly thought it was possible. Faith was supposed to “fix” this sort of thing. Well, it doesn’t—not always.

Spiritually poor, though, this lonely soul clings fast to him who is eternal. And, now, that was wisdom! But, it was no quick fix. Notwithstanding grief, it took a night or a whole day; then things were okay, normal, again.

Lonely, vanquished? Hold on and cling fast to the only One who can truly release you.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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