Thursday, April 22, 2010

It’s Time to LIVE!


This life is the life of the living; there’s plenty of time to decay when we’ve bitten the dust.

But, this is no excuse to take silly risks with this precious existence we’ve come to know. We’re blessed with the living to make the most of the opportunities to simply experience all of the good things there are to do.

Today ‘is the day that the LORD has made; let us rejoice fully and be utterly glad in it’ (Psalm 118:24). There are no half days, only full days. And though our moods waver the times don’t.

This is a message resplendent in joy.

As I walked with my wife on a night-time date in our lovely city recently, I suddenly re-discovered something amazing again: “This truly is heaven,” I said to her. She just smiled and knew exactly what I meant. The moment was joyous and light; we lived it in pleasant surrounds; all the eye could see was beautiful.

This life is the call to take hold of the minute as it slowly ticks by and decide for joy; to recognise the hope that’s there beyond our perhaps sullen or downcast mood. We can be taken to joy as quickly as misery. What a choice that is!

Being ourselves tonight is about really being ourselves—free to exist and explore and dominate our days with healthy inspiration. It’s the courage to be as we really are. No false pretences, no fears weighing us down, no doubting that life is good.

Life is good.

Today and tonight is mine and it is yours. We were given it. Let us not waste this very precious gift.

Truly, how many are no longer alive or as yet unborn?

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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