Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Courage and (Don’t Forget) Wisdom

IT STRUCK ME AS IT OFTEN DOES—WELL AFTER THE FACT that whilst courage toward decisiveness is an indelible success factor, the wisdom to re-consider and balance such decisions is as vast a triumph as anyone could manage; the blend of both, salubrious and salient.

This reflection came on the back of some healthy interchanges around co-dependency and boundaries. When we interact with loved ones, especially when keeping them to account, we can’t afford to be precociously erring.

It appeared to me that the “rules” around relationships are rarely scripted quite that cutely that we can give “pat” advice; that we might—this way—be making something quite deleterious out of something requiring the utmost discretion.

I’ve often prayed for these both—courage and wisdom—in challenging seasons, and for two virtues alone, what could possibly run after them? They seem the perfect blend of a frontal assault and a rearguard, determined to be fit-for-purpose in any situation. Don’t all other virtues fall in behind these?

When it comes to decision-making we’re surely never always correct first time; part of us is necessarily staid and nonetheless certain our first decision was correct. But, it really is wisdom that carries the finality of success’s chances at those times when we’ve ignorantly or arrogantly chucked good sense long to the dogs, as occasionally happens.

Courage is a most necessary trait to have in life. But without wisdom chiming in from time to time to amend courage’s boldness, courage seems destined to fall flat on its face on occasion—and us with it!

Courage can’t, of itself, contend with the longer term goals of life success and achievement without wisdom.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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