Friday, April 2, 2010


One thing we severely underestimate about ourselves and indeed others is this phenomenon of capacity.

This is that issue of life that sees one person capable of so much both in terms of quality and quantity—if there is sufficient desire of diligence powering the person. This person always sees the work to be done, not in as a de-motivating factor of life, but as meaning and purpose itself. With every task achieved with cheerful intent, this person derives a good dose of healthy self-esteem, and stacks of other spin-offs.

They’ve learned the art of pushing themselves; they’re learners and doers. They learn in their doing.

There is a positive thing about being situationally driven, knowing and being able to implement the Sabbath Rest anytime desired, and this, to enhance the work. Rest is the cream on the work-cake.

People who can readily vacillate from the typical Type “A” modus operandi to Type “B,” and adapt and be comfortable as such are living exemplars of wisdom. They’re not sucked into a whirlpool of extremes at either end—a constant flurry of busyness or a stale procrastination that never gets anywhere.

They live the best of both worlds—achievement and comfort.

There’s nothing quite like being ‘purpose driven’ and indeed this is God’s will for our lives; that we reap the Spiritual blessings of knowing that kindling joy of many jobs—or even simply one job—well done. This feeling wells up for us into a glorious wellbeing.

To work and then rest, reflecting on that work well done, is the windfall of life. I recall as a tradesperson cleaning my work area thoroughly every Friday afternoon, taking such pride in it. To look back admiring my work as I left for the weekend generated much joy—not to mention arriving back on a Monday, good to go!

Life is a thing to be enjoyed—at all times. There’s no point seeing parts of our lives, and particularly our work, as drudgery. As soon as we accept that we’re designed to chase a purpose, the penny drops. CLUNK!

Let us work hard whilst we have a chance and then truly be able to reflect over our good work, enjoying that too.

Try this: next time you’re feeling jaded and unmotivated, push yourself with willpower. You’ll be amazed what you’ll power through.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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