Thursday, January 25, 2018

What have I to be grateful for?

Photo by Ronald Cuyan on Unsplash

QUESTIONS like this are a great way to start any day. Rhetorical in nature, such a question ought to make us pause and reflect. Honesty would decree an answer in the affirmative.
As we reflect, and not just for a fleeting second, but to labour on it, we may even go so far as to make it a theme for the day. That is special.
But what is grand is to make it a daily theme for life.
Why would we do that? Why would we invest significant moments of focus, potentially each and every day for the rest of our lives, on such a paradigm? These are good questions worthy of their own reflection.
Answering ‘why would we do that?’ first, let’s imagine the return. What possible advantage?
A string of other virtue is connected to gratitude. It requires humility. It draws out patience. It increases compassion. It expresses kindness. Its connection is goodness. It brings peace. It facilitates contentment. All these virtues and many more find expression in gratitude.
Gratitude promises to help us consider others, take us further into ourselves, deeper into the heart of God.
If we’re at all interested in mental and emotional well-being, and spiritual vitality and growth, we will wisely engage in such a simple practice as becoming deeply grateful. Thankfulness is always an appropriate response to life for our lives.
The primary question is left open — what have I to be grateful for? This is a pulsating question.
There is never a singular answer to this question. It’s like the question, ‘What is love?’ There are innumerable answers to both questions.
I don’t know about you, but I want my heart changed. I’ve been Christian nearly 30 years, and a minister (of different sorts) for nearly 15 years. Yet, some parts of my heart have not changed. Gratitude is something that will inherently challenge these parts in an operational way.
God’s goodness to us all invites us to respond in thankfulness and to engage in gratitude.

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