Tuesday, January 23, 2018

10,000 Reasons for my Heart to Find: DAY 1

22 January 2018
1.              Privilege to write a Newsletter others will read
2.              Fan to keep us cool and provides white noise
3.              Sleep
4.              Thought of mowing lawns – help Mum and Dad
5.              Ideas I’ll get mowing lawn
6.              I can urinate and get rid of pain of a full bladder that way
7.              Fresh safe water to wash my hands with
8.              Facebook browsing… curiosity I experience
9.              Connecting with a friend’s world
10.          Being able to see statistics for my blogs
11.          Get feedback about how my article is going
12.          Thought of my son waking up in 31 minutes time
13.          The books are packed!
14.          I submit articles and they’re so quickly approved
15.          I sleep with my wife
16.          Message from a mate that gives clarity
17.          Grass underfoot
18.          Park across the road to walk around
19.          The ball I found and the skill I have to enjoy it
20.          The clothes I’m wearing
21.          The concept of time and creation – being about to create imaginatively
22.          My left knee cracks, but there is no pain
23.          Cuddling my wife in bed
24.          Wrestles with my son, the fun we have
25.          I am able to make breakfast for son and lunch for wife
26.          I was going to skip breakfast and my son got me a bowl and filled it
27.          Being thankful for our food
28.          A laugh whilst having breakfast
29.          A car and time to be able to run errands
30.          The barista smiled his joy my way
31.          I received and returned the smile
32.          Received a free coffee when I didn’t expect it
33.          The pleasure of giving my son a chocolate frog
34.          God reminded me to pray for one of my daughters
35.          The way my son says ‘trees’
36.          Watching him play
37.          Listening to him sing while he eats
38.          Him singing 10,000 Reasons with me in the car
39.          Overcoming the temptation to leer at another motorist
40.          Being able and willing to assist my parents with the household tasks they can’t do
41.          Experiencing the will that says I don’t want or need thanks for helping
42.          Realising the therapy in work
43.          The joy of establishing order
44.          Another revelation: everything is a process; i.e. tying rope; respecting the process
45.          Traffic delay reminds me I’m here at God’s pleasure
46.          Traffic delay makes me thankful I’m not the one involved in the collision
47.          Knowing that while I have a sore back I can still move and do many physical things
48.          Realising how important expectations are in the process of gratitude
49.          Realising how grief is helped by gratitude
50.          Realising gratitude is a process
51.          Realising gratitude sown reaps patience
52.          Smoke alarm and RCD maintenance done on home to keep it safe for us to live safe
53.          In preparing to shower, found myself looking at my naked body, and instead of saying ‘you need to lose weight’ I said to myself, ‘perfect, you are looking just like you’
54.          Having clean clothes to wear, and a very generous selection to choose from
55.          Having the wisdom to negotiate with my son to model care for his needs
56.          The sight of a business card that reminds me of a time of insight and learning
57.          For the two-dozen eggs we’re given every fortnight
58.          The wonderful Lego creations my son comes up with
59.          For the phone call from a friend that I just received
60.          The idea I was given for a series on gratitude
61.          For the mess my house is in that reminds me that it’s a home
62.          The work my wife has that brings in much needed income
63.          Reminded that what God gives not the time for ought not be done
64.          Indecision is good when there are two equal options – just choose one
65.          Listening intently to my wife share her work day
66.          Learning about the work processes she tells me about so I have better context for her life
67.          Realising that making a list of 100 things per day means I am forced to look for items to be grateful about
68.          Listening to my wife read to my son; she is a beautifully expressive reader
69.          My opportunity to clean up the tea dishes
70.          My opportunity to pray for safe travels for my wife as she travels to and from worship practice
71.          The opportunity to write my wife a sneaky love note – okay, reminder note she will laugh at
72.          God has shown me over only the first day that gratitude is hard to maintain
73.          Realising that fear creeps in insidiously
74.          For the stake I have in others’ lives I minister with
75.          The sheer luxury I have in my life to do many things at any one time
76.          The story behind a piece of furniture
77.          Three pairs of glasses – that’s right, three!
78.          Engaging my son not going to sleep and his response to accept what I say
79.          The prayers I make for my wife while she’s out
80.          Anticipating time camping this weekend – time to be with wife’s family
81.          Challenges of tomorrow; at least a few jobs not sure how they’ll go, but they’re always a success
82.          The books are packed! Oh yeah, I said that already
83.          The thought that this challenge might beat me
84.          Blinds to close for privacy, blinds to open for light
85.          For the legacy of three daughters making their way in life
86.          The fact that God is dealing with the envy in my heart
87.          I can praise God that this is 950 words already and I don’t know how I’ll sustain this for another 99 days
88.          Paper – to write on
89.          Coffee at 7pm
90.          Pumpkin Patch button
91.          The number of times I’ve thought about graduating this year
92.          I got to see my Mum and Dad today
93.          I’m 50 and they are still alive!
94.          Thought of having 2 more Sundays to prepare for my next sermon
95.          The theme for it – Jesus is Always the Answer – has me excited
96.          Realising 10,000 Reasons is forcing me to look, to see, to discover, to find
97.          Admitting that passion for God wanes over time, but can be excited afresh
98.          I am nearly there for today
99.          For reminders… to put the bins out
100.       For substances that do their job – lens cleaner
101.       Feeling the time pressure, but an equivalent pressure to maintain this list, I overcome
102.       I am forced to stay positive
103.       Wife makes it home safe
104.       Finish PKS Perspective Newsletter
105.       Making good progress on Sermon
106.       Thinking about the role of gratitude and a series – this could be big
107.       Bickford’s cordial on a summer’s night
108.       Still lots of energy at 2117hrs
109.       Back is feeling okay
110.       Reminded by my wife about keeping good business hours etiquette
111.       Sprained ankle isn’t as bad as it could have been
112.       Son is sound asleep – beautiful to watch my children asleep

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