Tuesday, January 23, 2018

10,000 Reasons for my Heart to Find: DAY 2

23 January 2018
1.              Thankful for this project. Woke up not wanting to be grateful
2.              Getting out of bed sore improves after some stretches
3.              Grateful for a mate’s courage
4.              Prayed for that friend, thanking God for him
5.              Sore back but still functions
6.              Sore knee but that still functions too
7.              ‘Last man standing’ vision – part of my self-image that I’ll be the last man standing
8.              Good night’s sleep last night
9.              Plans for today – another big day ahead
10.          Thankful for young Matt’s help at work
11.          Banana bread, coffee, yogurt and muesli
12.          Peace even at McDonald’s
13.          The sanctity of life even when there is such unrest in the world
14.          For the employees in this fine establishment – yes, I just prayed for you
15.          The architecture – for architecture – what a wonderful applied science
16.          For the driver’s licence I’ve had for nearly 34 years – 2/3rds of my life
17.          For the fact I cannot think of everything I ought to be grateful for
18.          This process forces me to look, to search, to find
19.          Numbers and letters to make intelligible language
20.          130 reasons for my heart to find in 24 hours – Lord, help me sustain this
21.          Even eating involves science – the physics of napkins
22.          Weather on my phone
23.          After standing so long, now I sit, to change my body’s position and ease pain
24.          Is this hard? Training oneself to think gratefully? No. It’s just one thing at a time
25.          Being lost browsing… the sheer luxury that I have moments like this
26.          The fact that life goes on all around me
27.          For the 50 or so pens I had to choose from this morning
28.          That nice car I saw drive past… I don’t need to own it to enjoy it
29.          School years starts again next week… welcome back, routine
30.          Reflecting on the word ‘goodness’… for all your goodness I will keep on singing…
31.          Acknowledging the fear for rejection I experience in sharing (posting) myself
32.          Seeing others’ ulterior motives at times, forgiving them, but not going their way
33.          Having time to ‘waste’ on rest… the opposite is the case; thankful to invest
34.          Arriving at work with a full day of experiences to look forward to (not lament!)
35.          Opportunity to offer to help two staff – offer accepted by one
36.          Able to help a third employee twice
37.          Helped by an employee to do something more efficiently
38.          Willingness to depart from plan and no chagrin of heart
39.          Receiving well bad news about a loved one that will change their life
40.          Supporting the bearer of that bad news – commending them on what they have done
41.          Corrected by an employee of supplier I was picking up from – enforcing safety
42.          Happy in my heart to be corrected
43.          Engagement with same employee on two subsequent occasions – exemplary safety standards I appreciated
44.          Load moves so I pull over and tie on better – thankful there’s no incident
45.          Staved off temptation to panic
46.          God gets me safe back to workplace with loaded trailer
47.          Good interaction with a salesperson named Steve
48.          Thankful for air conditioning in the car
49.          Thankful for fine fast food
50.          Even though my body aches in several places, God sustains my movement
51.          Realising that life for every single person is a faith journey. Life is easy for nobody
52.          Realising each person has anxieties to manage and emotions to contain/express
53.          Having the opportunity to hear my son ask his Mum to have a play picnic
54.          Radio interview on teenage brains prompts me to call a daughter
55.          Thankful to be led to pray for her
56.          Got more done than I thought I’d do
57.          A job that has some outstanding concerns forces me to have faith
58.          Feeling sore after a hard day’s physical labour – the body still works
59.          Somebody connected with me on social media who I’ve been praying for
60.          Help from a younger man to dig holes I needed dug
61.          Reward for work done on a hot day – an ice cold soft drink
62.          My wife has been busy cleaning lights, which is something I don’t think of
63.          A daughter is becoming a home owner within days
64.          Watching Big Bash cricket in air-conditioned comfort
65.          Privilege to make dinner for the family
66.          The beauty in a didactic moment – wife to son – on why not to lick the sauce bottle
67.          The choice of fine foods for dinner – just about every night!
68.          A gardening wife
69.          Realising I’m glad of my failures, because without them I’d not have seen my responses
70.          Whilst watching my nearly five-year-old son play, he asked me to read him a story
71.          Called one of my daughters and we chatted for a while
72.          Capacity to be honest – am I doing the right thing here, God?
73.          For anxiety, because it puts me in touch with what I care about
74.          For my wife’s determination to stick to a plan for moving house
75.          In struggling for something to be grateful for, I bless the Lord – I’m limited
76.          Realising that concerns are merely worries that haven’t been prayed
77.          My son has plans to play cricket with me tomorrow
78.          There are so many ideas I want to write about
79.          Knowing when I feel rejected that I’m loved by God who never rejects
80.          Blessed to again be called, ‘pastor’
81.          Blessed in the knowledge that I don’t need to be called, ‘pastor’
82.          Thankful that a key ministry relationship is shored up
83.          Wonderful to see growth in a particular person
84.          Inspired by a couple’s journey – they celebrated a milestone today
85.          My wife works so hard, and apart from tiredness, never complains
86.          For tenacity – I don’t give up easily
87.          For plans I discussed with my son tonight – to change the oil in a car together
88.          My mother loves my Dad so much – she is doing things that scare her to care for him
89.          Realising in order to be grateful, it helps if I do something or interact with someone
90.          Fixing something that was broken for two years took just initiative and effort
91.          Packing house, I realise I’m blessed with so many (perhaps too many) material memories
92.          In doing work I don’t enjoy God makes a way for me to enjoy it
93.          In reminders of failure, there are fresh learning opportunities
94.          A bloated tummy is a sign of a full belly
95.          An appropriate laugh shared by reflecting on family dynamics
96.          Realising I don’t need to look back anymore if I don’t want to
97.          Nathanael’s memory piqued by a song
98.          Instead of not enough time, spoilt by choice

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