Wednesday, January 24, 2018

10,000 Reasons for my Heart to Find: DAY 3

24 January 2018
1.                  Computer updates can be annoying, but whilst I waited, I reviewed historical documents
2.                  Prompted to attend to administrative things I wouldn’t have otherwise
3.                  Birth Certificate – made myself aware of details I should know (father’s birthplace!)
4.                  The pleasure it is to write
5.                  To study an ancient church father – Chrysostom
6.                  Cuddles with my wife
7.                  What a gloriously sunny morning
8.                  Making lunch for my wife
9.                  Realising I’m tending toward fear and arresting it
10.             Realising gratitude is better than complaint
11.             Thought of coffee on our first errand for the day
12.             Free meningococcal immunisation for son
13.             Realising waiting invites patience
14.             Realising the power of ONE – in a world in love with numbers
15.             Getting rid of clutter (dead batteries)
16.             Receiving my free copy of Unofficial Chaplain
17.             Realising the antidote to frustration is gratitude
18.             Realising that busyness facilitates frustration
19.             Realising that patience reminds us to slow down
20.             Realising gratitude could be the antidote to many ills
21.             Realising gratitude wards against worry
22.             Realising gratitude rewires the brain positively
23.             For the therapy of a physiotherapy friend who can give discounts, plus great care
24.             For friends who genuinely care
25.             For the purpose wired into my heart
26.             Realising that to seek is to take the journey forward positively
27.             Circumstances that could frustrate are cut off; the brain is already working in gratitude mode
28.             For the fly buzzing around me, reminding me I don’t need to be annoyed by it
29.             An engaging chat with Henry who picked up the lounge
30.             How biting one’s own tongue puts me in touch with the delicate wiring of my nervous system
31.             Fresh bread, butter and cheese in a sandwich. Thank you for bakers and dairies
32.             For tiredness, which is the blessed invitation to rest
33.             Becoming aware of those sneaking ‘shark’ thoughts
34.             Realising the link between gratitude and humility
35.             Appreciating the engineering mind in my son
36.             The image outside of lawn to be mowed; what it will look like when it’s done
37.             A free mind is enjoyable
38.             Great to see my son drinking a lot of water and running outside
39.             I can see the progress being made
40.             How easy it is to pray to God
41.             Invited to watch son’s television show with him
42.             Realising seeking gratitude challenges my mindset when I’m anything but grateful
43.             For the physical world where all is predictable, yet nothing is
44.             Thought to ride to the park
45.             Choosing to praise God for the warm temperature
46.             Realising that looking within, not without, is the key to this gratitude thing
47.             Thinking fondly on my daughters
48.             Life is never boring
49.             A great thing it is to realise self-control is about staying the moment
50.             Good to get bad news and watch my sinful heart respond
51.             Good to meet resistance in the role of parent with patience
52.             Good that my pride is tested – to see how putrid my heart is
53.             Good when things don’t go ‘my way’, because that’s the only time I can respond in a godly way
54.             An emergency averted
55.             Wife’s interest in the garden
56.             Oh, to be alive – the risk, the return, the fear, the failure – all in abundance
57.             So thankful for my marriage – working in the conflict within other couple’s marital lives
58.             Conflict abounds, yet I can still be content
59.             One moment in time – thankful for that song
60.             God, You give and You take away – praise Your holy name for both!
61.             Numbers… praising You for numbers… numbers that build pressure
62.             Music that inspires and makes me want to be more
63.             Energy, especially at 9pm
64.             Hopes for a solution in a particular conflict
65.             For my wife’s tenacity with online insurance
66.             For my son’s acceptance of an early night for poor behaviour
67.             A day’s work tomorrow – it will be hard work, but it is work
68.             For a good boss
69.             Interactions tomorrow that are God ordained
70.             Reading a very sad story makes me grateful for my life and relationships
71.             For a mobile phone that gives me immediate access to my world
72.             The little book my son ‘wrote’ for me
73.             The little home my son has made for his cuddle friends
74.             For the work that is done and no longer needs doing
75.             Great to have the ‘luxury’ of time, but don’t waste it!
76.             Thankful for the relationship I have with a certain person who was once an enemy
77.             Happy for the hope in my heart I can get to 300 by ‘close of play’
78.             Great to see response from son when harassed by an older child in a playground
79.             Love our rides to the park
80.             Thankful son is learning to count-on and subtract
81.             For texture of food
82.             For symmetry in the written word
83.             Modern camera technology
84.             Son sleeps so well
85.             Son’s bowel movements
86.             My wife’s wisdom, for which I would suffer more if I didn’t have access to it
87.             We have two cars
88.             That my sprained ankle isn’t worse than it could have been
89.             Great physio session today
90.             Good feeling in my body after those back stretches
91.             Nice… 301 (since commencing 10,000 Reasons)
92.             Seriously want to be so committed to repentance
93.             Can I desire not to get my own way?
94.             The teary emotions I enjoy
95.             My heart beats, I breathe, I am still alive – keep me alive until all my children are grown, Lord
96.             So thankful my wife reads the fine print
97.             I can do anything I put my mind to
98.             For the new school we’re enrolling our son in
99.             Staff BBQ function tomorrow night
100.         Been safe in this house since June 2015

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