Tuesday, April 28, 2015

We Are History Makers – Whether It’s Accepted Or Not

EACH of us is writing our own history book, a day per page. Whether we write truth or a lie today, history will record our stories faithfully. Do we want to be known as persons of integrity or charlatans? We make that choice each and every day by the decisions we make in our relationships. Nobody gets to write their version of history.
Such truth makes us account for our day, our actions, our carefree words, and our silly deeds of indifference and laxity.
Negligence has a lot to answer for. So does pride. Too many moments in too many days we fall for Satan’s lie that life is unimportant; that we can get away with blue murder as if nobody’s looking.
Well, the universe looks on. Sort of like a cosmic version of Big Brother, we can imagine the starry host knowing the intimacy of our word and deed if God knows the grains of the sand he put into their place.
We get away with nothing.
We are writing the page of our day even as we contemplate how to get into something or get out of another thing. Our human condition is reprehensible, yet we have the ability to rise out of our slumber.
The page that is written is history, and yes, tomorrow’s a mystery, just as much as the present is. We inform that mystery quite persuasively. We are not without influence. Indeed, as we decide how we will use the moment before us, not only are we writing it as we go, we are also making our day a living hell or a joy replete with bliss. It’s up to us and nobody else.
Who in their right mind allows the pages of history to write them as a greedy narcissist? The one who does not believe they will be called to account. How does a person with an integrity problem sleep at night? They don’t really believe in the nature of history — what is true in secret will become true before God one day.
We cannot hide and we are foolish if we think we can.
Yet some still take the risk.
We really do have the opportunity today to make the difference only we can, today. We are history makers. We are writing the page in live-time. We are on God’s time and we are supervised. It’s wise to imagine everything we do is seen.
© 2015 S. J. Wickham.

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