Monday, April 13, 2015

Learning to See, Learning to Be Free

GETTING into our own head is not something that many of us want to do. But it is what we need.
What we need is not what we want, but when we have seen we will never go back.
Some of us resist getting into our own heads because it’s not a safe place to be. Others of us don’t want to go there because we are too busy. Others, again, refuse such an awakening because there is only more work to do. Some have no need because they already know what they need to know, and arrogantly ignorantly so. But the point is we all resist getting into our own heads.
Getting into our own head is the consciousness of our being. It’s opening up to see.
Learning to see is the objective of life.
Only when we can see will we notice God’s Presence in our lives.
When we are seeing, we are receiving God’s revelation.
If we do not go into our heads we will not sense the invitation of God to enter into our own hearts.
Seeing is a heart activity. Once our mind is opened the heart soon follows.
We know when we are seeing because all of life — in the moment — is different. Our head has taken us captive. And we are so very thankful, because we could not have procured such an event of existence without the Lord’s help.
In the head, we are soon in our heart. Feeling is wonderful when truth is communicated. Even if that truth is inherently exposing.
It’s wonderful because the truth cannot hurt us. The truth can only help us. God wants to help. Seeing is the way to receive that help.
Seeing is an eternal opportunity. It’s not only ever present, it’s the connection with the eternal. God takes us for a time into his Presence far from this world whilst being in this world — one of the most paradoxical realities, surely.
“Come, see.” It is the Father’s invitation, the Son’s invocation, and the Spirit’s prophetic voice, spoken from eternity in our world. The voice of God is so completely inaudible so far as the world is concerned. Yet, it is a sweet horn on an ethereal frequency.
We must get into our own head. Then comes the entry of entries, into the heart of matters.
A free mind opens the heart to feel. A heart opened is a mind freed to be real.
The deeper well is a place to be drenched in the goodness of God’s Presence; to jettison the world without ever leaving it.
To see with eternal eyes is an ever-present possibility. It is life itself.
Learning to fly,
Is learning to see,
Watching the self die,
And finally to be free.
Learning to see,
Eyes only for the Lord,
Satisfied to just Be,
With Him who’s adored.
© 2015 S. J. Wickham.

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