Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Need of Love In Order to See Truth

When we don’t see we need someone who has seen to show us that what we don’t see can be seen and, indeed, will be seen. In that is trust, faith, and hope.
We trust someone who has already been exposed to the situations of life we are now encumbered by. We have faith that they can show us the way. And we have hope that what they saw we, too, will see — and that it will be the making of us.
We must be able to see to understand. What we don’t see continues to elude us.
And in missing out on truth that others can see we are frustrated; even tempted to pretend we know when we don’t.
When we feel we can see we so desperately want others to see so that they can agree with us and then we, together, may enjoy a life of edification, together.
But when we see — and when others see — we inevitably find ourselves arguing. We see through different eyes, possibly the same truth.
Now seeing truth in the way we use truth is key. There is not much good in seeing if we cannot see the need to love our brother or sister. Indeed, if we would burn someone over a truth seen we have missed the more essential truth.
There is a truth to be seen in this life; a truth that leads to wisdom. It is to understand the gravity of truth and the weight of glory within one loving act.
We almost always elevate ‘the truth’, but love is often forgotten, because we are still damaged enough within not to see their need as much as ours.
We bequeath to others what others bequeath to us. Our truth is a shifting of the sands of acceptance and rejection. We are one scratch away from relinquishing our love. One wound and our love is withheld. But that is not where the truth is; that is not seeing.
When we take Jesus at his Word and commit to burning our need of human acceptance — because we have, now and eternally, his acceptance — we are able to enjoy the sight of a great truth: love.
The greatest truth is love. All truth has some love, but the best truth is burgeoning and blossoming with love.
When we approach the truth with a loving heart we see the full quotient of truth.
Love is the capacity for the seeing of truth.
The more love abounds the more truth is honoured.
© 2015 S. J. Wickham.

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