Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Forgiveness When Nothing Else Will Do

“THEY are treating you like family,” the wife said to her jaded husband, a little sick of being taken for granted by his supervisor and manager at work.
And, the fact of the matter, is his wife was never more right.
But how do we reconcile such an outrageous injustice; an assault on our person?
Given that we are assaulted, there must be a corrective — a way for us to live with a vision beyond such hurts. God gives us a way. To reject his way is to reject him. But to wrestle with his way is to wrestle with him, which is blessed. We will surely acquire what we so sorely need!
Forgiveness is the only way; it is the wisdom of God.
There is no other way of reconciling our maddening circumstances of conflict — be they personal, interpersonal or suprapersonal. Let me say it again; there is no other way. And even those of us who are struggling to forgive someone or some situation acknowledge that, in theory at least, we must forgive.
We must forgive for our own good, not least for the other’s good.
Forgiveness when nothing else will do helps us to do what has previously seemed impossible. When we know it as there being no other way, then we are compelled in our motivations to master that which beforehand confounded us.
Forgiveness when nothing else will do is the one and only wisdom of the Lord God.
To agree, finally, that forgiveness is the only thing that will do, whether we like it or not, is the first step in procuring a miracle — to be open to having the capacity to forgive where we have struggled.
We find that when we open up to God, God opens us up.
When we have opened up to God we have surrendered our wisdom for his and we are open to learning. There is so much that God can teach us. But there is nothing we can learn if we hold to our own knowledge.
And hurts have their way of locking us into our feeling and ways of thinking.
When we open up to God, God opens us up. Surrendering to him is surrendering to his will, and that is surrendering our limited view and range for his voluminous view and copious range.
© 2015 S. J. Wickham.

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