Thursday, April 30, 2015

Blessings of God Right Where You Are

RIGHT where we are, there God is.
Right in our midst — in the struggles and the strains — there our Lord is. He is present. He has promised to never leave us nor forsake us. God is not in the practice of foreclosing on his promises. Where he has promised to be is filled with his goodness.
And it’s there we find our place of reality — in the liminal space — of our momentary situation. With all its problems.
Bringing two cosmoses together — the fact of God’s Presence, and the existential issue of our problematic realities — we have a dichotomy. Is God’s Presence so impotent to not regard our situations and not solve them?
When we think that God exists to bless us we come at God from the wrong direction.
Yet, it is true that if we are to be blessed it will occur right where we are.
Where God is present, where God has a role as witness and Lord over our circumstances, we can assume one thing with great assurance: it is God’s will that we wrestle with the truth of our circumstances so as to accept those truths in order to be set free. (Read John 8:31-32 in this way.)
What are we being set free from?
From the shock of how life is. From the anger that hijacks our peace. From the lies of bargaining a way out of our own life. From the lack of resilience against which depression would detain us in prevailing weakness.
We are only set free when we abide in Jesus (verse 31 of John 8) — which is to be a disciple of him and his teaching. Such an abiding is a wrestling with apparent dichotomies where there is no ‘pat’ answer that bears the name, “truth.”
Jesus sets us free when we accept the truth embedded in our current realities.
We are set free from anxiety, idealism, grief, and an external locus of control, not to name many others.
Only as we accept where God has us are we able to receive the good news: blessing is at hand.
Behold, God is in our midst! Look, through our eyes! Feel, breath enter our lungs!
Just three there are above in an infinite range of gifts that God rolls out to us every day.
Now we meet two present realities that collide every moment: God is present everywhere and his blessing is all around.
© 2015 S. J. Wickham.

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