Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Sheer Worthiness of Prayer for Life Contentment

PRAYER is a basic thing. It is the thing that stands as the single barrier to and, therefore, opportunity toward change in our lives.
And, we all want something to shift, to change, to transform us; and for God’s grace to envelope us to that end.
If we wish to lose weight, we should pray that God would free us of the desire to overeat. If we would want a closer relationship with Jesus, we ought to pray to be free of the desire to be distracted by less important things. If we want what we do not yet have, shouldn’t we first pray for a desire to enjoy those things God has already given to us?
If we wish to control the desires, surely it is via prayer — a consistent, dripping-tap type of prayer — that we will, through God’s inordinate grace, achieve it.
If we wish it that our wills be joined to his — whatever God’s will is as we can truthfully discern it — we will put what is important to God, first; and foremost.
If we wish it that God’s will join ours, we are mistaken. It can’t end well. But if we pray that his will might subterfuge our own, over time, then we will surely be blessed.
God’s will — on a certain subject — will, by prayer, be-come to us.
This is God’s will in sum: that ours is transformed into his!
When our wills are joined to his — by prayer, which filters gradually from our conscious being to our unconscious being — we will eventually come to be blessed by a miracle.
A miracle is a thing experienced, we prayed for, that we could not do for ourselves.
If we should wish for others to be freed of their bonds of slavery, to become bond servants of the only true King, we will pray to that end. We will not coerce people by our actions and inactions, but we will rely faithfully on prayer, and we will even step out of the way in order that God would show us his glory — that he doesn’t need us!
We are not necessary for God to procure his miracles of grace. God’s only necessity is that we move out of the way.
Prayer works when we step out of God’s way.
It can only work by faith; otherwise, we are becoming God and that is the biggest fallacy of the devil, ever.
© 2015 S. J. Wickham.

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