Thursday, May 3, 2012

Resolving Unconscious Anxiety

A SURPRISING AMOUNT of our aches and pains, and other physical complaints, can be drawn down, possibly, to signs of unconscious anxiety. Anxiety at this level, which may be impossible to identify or rationalise, insists upon a hearing. We may not feel stressed or anxious, but our souls may say differently.
Our best proposal is to consider what case the unconscious may have, regarding anxiety, when we experience physical pain. Sure, many of our physical ailments have causes that are known, though many niggles don’t.
Was that crick in the neck we woke up with the other day really as a result of sleeping poorly, and, if so, was there a reason why we were sleeping poorly?
Having Life ‘Under Control’
The resistance we meet, of course, is few of us want to readily admit we don’t have life under complete control. The truth is, none of us really has life under complete control. All of us have an underlying sense of anxiety—at an unconscious level. Much of this keeps us aware of our surroundings, of our lives, of the place we have in existence.
Some anxiety seems necessary.
The moment we can bear in mind that our defences intend on protecting our anxiety is the moment we can hold open, in view, these vital anxieties that help hold us together, and, provide for our very identities.
We may not feel anxious—but our body may be saying otherwise.
It’s simply something to ponder.
If we think our unconscious minds are trying to tell us something, and that the unconscious anxiety is provoking physical pain or discomfort, we can ask why.
It’s the masterstroke of an emotionally-conscious person to value what their deeper self could be communicating. Of course, the unconscious mind—that part of ourselves that’s difficult to reach in a conscious sort of way—remains enigmatic.
But if we wish to pursue personal growth, there may be no better way to tangible gain.
That’s why unexplained niggles and pains can provide a clue that all is not well at a soul level. Perhaps things are not going well at work, or in one of our important relationships, or we’re battling with a season of doubting. It could be one of a thousand reasons, and it could be two or three or four issues at a time.
We must simply recognise one issue and work on it.
If we can connect the presence of unexplained niggles and pains as potentially signs of unconscious anxiety we can empathise with ourselves, and we can find an answer to the difficulties our bodies are experiencing. Something explains the inexplicable.
And by working on what might not be working within our lives, we may be able to shift the basis of our niggles and pains.
Our problems can highlight anxiety at a deeper level. When we’re aware, we can ask why. Heightened awareness helps us attend to the causes of our anxiety and our problems often diminish.
© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

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