Friday, May 25, 2012

Building a Better Thought World

Peace between the ears is a premium state-of-mind that we learn not to take for granted. Indeed, some of us have thought of ourselves as analytical thinkers, because our thinking has tormented us.
Those that cannot switch off their thinking, though, have a distinct advantage over a meditative world if they will hone peace between their ears.
This meditative world is a practice that does not only provide a better quality of life, there is the enhancement of years—a longer life, potentially, to be had. All because we harnessed the mind’s power for thought and extracted the available tranquillity.
Developing A Plan And Patience
Two things we need in building a better thought world is 1) a plan to adapt our thinking toward use of the meditative principle, and 2) patience enough to get there.
The analytical thinker in us understands the tremendous mental powers that are disposed from the mind to our thoughts. Such powers have scared us. We seek to tame them, even to utilise them in a positive way.
Developing a plan is doing our research. We think about and explore concepts like thoughtless awareness and mental silence. We think about quieting our minds, and enjoying the serenity of just being. We think more in terms of acceptance.
We are also aware of the many charlatans out there willing to make a quick buck at our expense. Developing a plan will require the deployment of work, not money. The sort of knowledge we need is free if we are prepared to patiently seek it. For, what we seek is the process of coming to know and accept ourselves, first and foremost. And such a process is a lifetime initiative.
Nurturing a meditative world is growing the mental powers of chosen silence as we walk through life. Building a better thought world is not just about when we meditate, for we learn to meditate as if that were the way we thought all the time.
Patience has us arriving at this thought world perhaps sooner than expected.
We are learning to reflect in our moments, saving some of the thought we’d have later on for deployment in the moment. We are learning wise consideration. We are learning to grasp our moments. We are learning that regret doesn’t have to be our default way. We are learning more about patience.
The meditative mindset is the ability to reflect calmly, and act, in the moment. It is peace then, and peace later, for there’s no regret when our thinking works in the moment. Planning and patience are the keys to building a better thought world.
© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

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