Sunday, May 20, 2012

Finding a Safe Place Within

Good and not-so-good times come and go—like, we have no control over the inception or the passage of these times. But what we can control is what we create and nurture within.
On the worst of days, and on those days that are simply unenjoyable, we can draw on resources we have within us—developed resources—which will help us subsist.
But in many ways finding a safe place within is about building or preparing a safe place within.
Building/Preparing A Safe Place Within
This, in many ways, is a process of developing through the lifespan. More and more, as we get older, is the opportunity to become safer within ourselves, as we learn and adjust our responses of personality and experience that drive us to do what we do.
The more we know about ourselves, the more we are consciously aware, the more we can compensate. For, we all operate in ways that create our own danger—because of what we are made of, genetically, and—mainly—how we were brought up. None of our innate propensities is our fault; but we are so often a product of them. We, by our own thought processes, create risks for ourselves and the feelings that we are under threat.
Building or preparing a safe place within is about finding those discordant notes within us that are out-of-tune with our essential selves; that image of our person we feel most comfortable with.
This is about becoming aware and creating space for harmony.
Enjoying A Safe Place Within
Sometimes a vision of something is what we need to motivate us to get there.
In this way, if we can imagine always having a sanctuary within us, a place with God, where we can go to at a moment’s need, we’re inspired to develop it.
This is the experience of enjoying a safe place within. By our experience of it we can calm ourselves, even in the midst of frightening, worrying, or stressful times.
This actual place of safety within us that we develop must be personally meaningful. For me, it’s getting space alone, even minutes, and reflecting. It’s drawing logical meaning, and, by this, realigning my thoughts. It’s me talking myself around. It’s me understanding the boundaries. It’s me taking control of what I can control. It’s me enjoying freedom within the control I have. It’s me finding a safe place within; within those known boundaries.
But it’s different to different people. The point is, our personal process has to be meaningful, and it has to be enjoyable. A sanctuary is welcoming, inviting, soothing.
What we create and nurture within has the potential to make, strengthen, limit, block, or break us. If we exist in safety by sheltering with God our souls are comforted. Finding a safe place within is the way there. There is no better place.
© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

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