Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Healing via Inner Creative Emotional Acts

Spiritual healing has been known, through the ages, to provide ‘an answer’ for the desperate complaints of those afflicted mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. And if there’s one common angle all disciplines adhere to it’s in simply facilitating the afflicted to a place where they may see their reality as it is; and find an imaginal way of seeing their reality differently that also works in real life. Every ‘problem’ is fixable.
This involves an inner creative emotional act:
“Healing of a lasting kind is the product of an inner creative emotional act.”
~Neville Symington (psychotherapist)
The only difficult thing about such an act is it requires a great deal of responsibility; to affect our own healing, even when aided by counsellor, pastor, or psychotherapist—by continually being able to surrender our losses to God.
Such a thing as surrender is not as easy as it sounds. It requires a process of problem-solving, and by virtue of that we take responsibility—to design and implement, often with help, our programs for renewal and growth onward.
Digging Deeper Than We Are Comfortable
To retrieve our creativity we’re required to work, and work hard, to invigorate the imagination and even imagine many different possibilities—some of which will be painful. But this is what we need to do to break past what we have cycled manically through again and again.
We need to somehow break the monotony to cause the cycle for healing to initiate.
Our creativity necessarily requires the use of our emotions, because it’s an effort to break past the ease and routine of our everyday thinking lives. We need to explore these feelings we’re having trouble with.
With an open mind and an open heart we open ourselves up in our surrender before God, especially via prayer, and we allow our Lord to help us touch our inner voids, chasms of loneliness, and structures of abandonment. Even a glimpse will do to begin with.
Exploring The Inner Life
We all have an inner life. This is most often closed up to us in our unconscious. But within this inner life holds the secrets for our adaptation to our world. Within this life all things are possible. God holds this inner life as our spiritual prize, and those seeking it will know the most practical of salvation experiences.
Exploring this inner life is a courageous act, replete with the responsibility of the person demanding, through honesty and effort, to know themselves.
Exploring the inner life is the task exposing us to the greatest reward. To know God is the courage to know ourselves, knowing that everything about God is gorgeous, and, likewise, so it is with us. There is good reason why God loves us.
We, yes all of us, are beautiful. God insists on this.
When we understand these truths, and we can enjoy an inner creative emotional act, which is knowing ourselves, we can experience healing.
© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

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