Thursday, December 29, 2011

Steps to Turning Life Around

Times for change commence at a thought, progress with a plan, and are achieved by resolution sufficient to sustain a new habit. That initiating thought is our mark.

The mark of change can be thought of as an acronym: a Circumstance is Heightened in Anxiety for a New thing to Grace life, Everlasting. We want change to stick.

In other words, the mark of change is the instant, perhaps felt now, where dissatisfaction for an element of life reaches that point where change must now occur.

It’s distinctly uncomfortable, but from the vision of hindsight, having met the goal, or gone a long way toward it, we are ever so thankful—that God pushed us into such territory that we demanded much more from ourselves; change that we knew was within our grasp; change that we knew we had to make.

1. The Mark of Change Manifest In Dissatisfaction

The role of dissatisfaction in change cannot be overstated; we often need to be sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Such dissatisfaction is nurtured, indeed transformed, into a driving passion to see change take place—where teeth are gritted, and eyes are focused for a place out of such despairing.

A weird convolution of emotions is experienced ranging from the raging will to fumbling disbelief to outright fear to desperate measures entertained. But such a headspace is tantamount to motivation rarely experienced.

Such a motivation must be harnessed; focused into a usable medium—a vision to get our aim right.

2. A Vision to Inspire Us

Vision takes us many good places that a lack of vision could never see.

It, therefore, requires a fundament of belief—the cherished nexus of an action-oriented faith; one that acts on the belief coveted by the vision and pushes us to continue along the path from thought – to plan – to execution – to finalisation of the dream beheld.

The vision will take us from A to Z and it will help us survive through the twisted augury of many forlorn fears, deceiving promises, and premature celebrations for pride.

3. A Process to Get There

This is where the rubber surely hits the road!

There is little good in bearing a world of dissatisfaction and nurturing the vision to climb out of such hellishness if there is no process—a plan in its simplicity—to restore sanity to a world of chaos.

The process needn’t be complex. Simplicity is more blessed if we’re able to keep it that way.


The mark of change is an anxiety-producing dissatisfaction, which generates a vision for change, which requires a process to get there. These three will help us achieve change: sufficient dissatisfaction with the status quo; a vision for a better future; and finally a simple, workable plan.

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

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