Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Faith of Honest Thought

Times when our memory or creativity fail us, we search our minds almost to the point of despair; yet, the subconscious mind seeks freedom from such loveless interrogation, and it’s marvellous just what this powerhouse of creativity can produce when it’s left to its own devices.

The faith of honest thought is such an initiative whereby it proffers peace toward the cognitive process. It forces nothing but keeps trying in any event, whatsoever. It denies nothing and keeps working with what it has.

The faith of honest thought adapts to challenge and diversifies in pleasant counter-attack; it develops new initiatives to power the capacity to achieve the present goal.

Such faith of honest thought believes in its own thought process and seeks its own underwriting. What might be a risk to some is just plain faith to another. At a thinking level, this is about trusting ourselves—the recovery of thought, memory, or creativity is confidently within our grasp, though we see it not. That’s faith!

Behind Every Act of Faith – a Thought

Beyond even the subconscious mind, into the realm of deliberate thinking, there is the fact that a thought—likely, a bunch or series of them—is behind every act of faith.

A decision is made.

And behind that thought, or thoughts, revealed as a decision, resides the magnanimous language of courage; a lattice of inner tension that the boldness of the soul must wrangle with.

There is no escape, yet faith fuels the fight.

Processes such as these are invisible; we can only know them as they are personally felt and experienced. We have no way of telling just how much faith-load any person is under, unless we feel for them through how we would feel if we were placed in the same situation. That thinking gets us close enough.

Thinking, therefore, is underestimated and downplayed—for its role in, as they are later revealed, ennobled acts.

We scarcely think of how courageous we have been in our faith processes as they manifest via our thought. Yet, we observe this in others by way of their accomplishments; those we admire.

Informing Every decision – a Feeling

Just like we cannot have east without west, or good without bad, we cannot have our thoughts without feelings.

A decision made without feeling behind it might reveal a lack of judicial wisdom; for, the ability to reason through emotion is what makes us human. Both are necessary: thoughts and feelings.

The decisiveness of thought reveals even more courage as we consider the usual cacophony of feeling that both clarifies and clouds our thoughts. Decision-making is critically complex.


The faith of honest thought is a matrix of human endeavour. The matter of momentary decisions portrays us as necessarily courageous. What more courage could be shown than by the faith of honest thought—truthful consideration—a consequential decision—and the will to carry through with it? It is great, and to be admired, the processes of faith that go into our virtuous thought.

Genuine faith-within-thought is the endeavour of human achievement. It melds truth with love by the mode of courage. Every great person of history has exemplified the faith of honest thought. One humble moment at a time, we can too.

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

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