Saturday, December 17, 2011

Germinating Life’s Destiny Seed

“Any person who does not accept the conditions of life sells their soul.”

~Charles Baudelaire

A common thing in the modern rat-race of life, and just as common a thing in any other age, as we might find on further investigation, is the prevalence of denial, anger, bargaining, and depression over the greater or lesser aspects of one’s personal situation and life. All four prevailing moods-of-spirit deny the truth.

As the quote at top indicates, there is a costly price we pay in procuring denial over the predominant truth—truth is a fact never changed.

Two Forms of Denial

We are all given to the shape and consistency of denial, even by those little lies we tell—the ‘white’ variety; the omissions; the half-truths. Indeed, truth does often command its own price. And our humanity cannot always pay it.

We are all tempted to enter into a deeper, more life-paralysing denial. The symptom of this form of denial—the virulent selling of one’s own soul—is escape by activity or substance.

Look at a person with an alcohol, other drug, gambling, or pornography etc problem, and there you see the symptoms of the deeper cause: they cannot bear the truth, and they are running, sardonically, from themselves—and from God.

Now, we can see that denial leads to major problems and minor problems; both because truth was not chosen as our ally. Accepting the conditions of life is harder than we suppose, but it does help to know denial is insidious.

Acknowledging That Denial Is Insidious

Denial is subtle and menacing; we can divert our attentions to it, now, if we are truly interested in reclaiming our destiny seed—that which God has planted so deep in our psyches, we haven’t a clue until we dig truthfully through to it in the quest to see it germinated.

But, first, we must grapple with the fact that denial will topple us if, and whenever, we allow it to—that is, whenever we prefer our conditions rather than accepting the never-changing conditions of life.

When we are aware of this truth, and we are committed to approaching life more truthfully, we crush denial in its tracks, and our souls are our own, again.

Accessing the Destiny Seed

God has designed a path for us—it is the narrow way lit up in truth.

We can call the commencement of this path, Life’s Destiny Seed, though it doesn’t matter what we call it, so long as we strive to attain access to it. This seed was planted before we came into being; the presence and make-up of this seed are absolutely irrefutable—in essence, we are God’s.

Whenever we accept the conditions of life, without denial, anger, bargaining, or depression, we have Life’s Destiny Seed at our grasp. When we go this way, God gives us the keys to the city of our souls. And we go on to becoming the persons God destined us to be. Only then can we be content.

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

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