Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Primary Odyssey

The Lord says: You have long anticipated this new season I am taking you to, for there have been many false starts when that anticipation went ahead of Me. You have learned to wait in advancing, to retreat upon pride, to know the folly of running off in veiled excitement.

As you watch for Me now, the sound of My voice within you, you steel yourself for the required moment. Anticipation has given way to calm deliberation; not pensive, but just simply ready.

The Primary Odyssey awaits. This is now what life is about. The preparations have finished and all waiting, concluded; though the preparations and waiting have only just commenced.

Many might call this the coming-of-age. It is not. It is the eternal thread of purposeful movement, in and through the fabric of life itself.

The Primary Odyssey has always been there and always will be there, ready. Even by further lapses.

As for you, My dear child, hear Me now as you ought to eternally. At your consent, because you are ready, I am taking you to the journey of your destiny.

Where we are going—on a spiritual trek, not without trepidation—is what you have always wanted, but never quite knew why or how or when. There will be doubting; trust will be required of you as you turn back at each opportunity to My way: the only way.

This pilgrimage is not one of perfect means or ends. Only the enemy will sell you that lie. No, you are ready for the humblest of journeys to within yourself, and to without—regarding your world. All of life now stands before you. You are ready.


This Odyssey, called Primary because of its innately personal and destined nature, is a path etched out by the Creator God for each and every person to inhabit.

It is only as cryptic as we would have it be; the Spirit of God is not one to make such great an expedition any harder than the simplest thing. This is when we can know the patience of God; the Spirit waits... for years, or ever... for when we, personally, ready ourselves.

The journey to the life that God has for us, today, is and was always ready—but we, perhaps, were not. We may now be ready. How exciting it is, then, to take grasp not of tomorrow, but of today. The Primary Odyssey awaits.

I take it with both hands, with a freshened mind, and a stoic heart, knowing that God is with me in all I do.

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

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