Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Soul Stillness In A Busy World

Becoming like Jesus is understanding, loving, and revelling in, the nature of the Divine; that, besides the myriad activity in Creation, is consummate stillness; unchanging, ever-reliable stillness.

Our privilege is to perceive this tranquil stillness wherever we are, for wherever God is, is peace; God is obviously omnipresent.

Participating in the Lord’s stillness is to enjoy thought that’s unencumbered—the resplendently and unabashed open mind.

That, right there, is peace; reflective and free, as an offering to God—open to Divine influence.

Picturing Tranquillity

Where is the presence of tranquillity but safely within the heart and mind?

The heart and mind are internal vestibules typically impacted, oh so easily, by an oft-noisy world.

As we begin to toy with the picture of tranquillity, rummaging mindfully over what might look like as a concept held by our spirits, we suddenly notice our God taking us away from ourselves; the burdens now fleeting.

The burdens of life do weigh on our hearts and minds—feelings of trouble, depression, and despair combine with thoughts for loss, incapacity, and a lack of control. The heart contributes to the mind’s dilemma and the mind agrees, depressing the heart further. Tranquillity is amending the heart and mind.

Picturing tranquillity is alleviating such a burden and it is done by spending time with God, away from the noise, even if in the midst of the noise. Yes, this peace is available anytime.

A Heart for Truth – The Mind of Christ

A heart for truth and the mind of Christ takes us all the way into the Holy of Holies so far as a tranquil spirit is concerned.

When we feel for truth, and we are humble enough to listen to our emotions, burdens are heard and then relieved. Before the judge, the entire courtroom is quiet; then at the verdict all is known, and the mysterious is dealt with. The truth, likewise, sets us free. Our hearts are then their very own; the soul is congruent with itself. Peace.

As we nurture the mind of Christ, which is the true wisdom of God in intuiting and obeying the Father’s will, we are necessarily focused on the Lordship of Christ, by setting our minds high in heaven whilst keeping our feet firmly on the ground.

Such a balance is achieved to know freedom beyond explanation and all we’re doing is being with God.


Tranquillity of heart and peace of mind comes, even at busy times, to those safe in God. Have faith to know soul stillness, of the Lord’s variety, is available anytime, anywhere. It’s a miracle because it can’t be explained; it just is... peace.

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

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