Saturday, September 10, 2011

Unstuck From the Moment We Can’t Get Out Of

Synonymous with the U2 song, Stuck in a Moment You Can’t Get Out Of, we all have periods that are rut-like. Whether it’s a relationship, a career going nowhere, or a habit out of control, there is hope. Becoming unstuck is a process commending truth, patience, self-discipline and wisdom.

The key issue is likely to be overcoming the habit-strength that has our momentum stayed in a place we don’t want to be. The following may help:

1. If we know the truth, and at one level it is staring us in the face to the point of annoyance, but we don’t apply that same truth all the time, indecision will be a sticking point.

2. Overcoming the habit-strength reinforced over months or possibly years may take several months to correct; to retrain our minds to take a different default path. It depends how much we want this change. The effort we put in will be worth it.

3. Indecision is a killer. It will have us vacillate between the good path and the comfortable path, but the goal we’ll never reach if we remain indecisive. The mind is strong enough to decide. We must decide and then keep going.

4. Honesty is possibly the biggest issue. At all levels we may be aware but if we compromise on the truth we’ll get nowhere. Honesty prompts courage. To make the move requires good analysis then the pluck to go and remain gone.

5. All the above is acknowledging that few of us are middle-ground people. Not many of us are comfortable in compromise. Eventually we reach decision point.

6. To be stuck in a moment we can’t get out of is a good thing in this: something deep within us is stirring us to take note of what is really important—to us. We can only lie to ourselves for so long. We were never meant to deny our realities.

7. We may fail time and again in re-railing this issue that has us stuck. We are not weak for buckling in our resolve; we are only weak if we give up altogether.

8. Perseverance has a helper friend called Tenacity, and she has the ability to bounce back resiliently. Resilience is not about falling, but getting up each time—quickly and with purpose.

9. Failure doesn’t matter. Indeed, it merely highlights how special success is when it’s finally reached. Think about it, if we fail again and again and still don’t give up on our goal, we have the faith that we will ultimately succeed.

10. We have everything within our grasp to overcome this rut—the possibility of success is ever present. There’s a lot of space and freedom in that.

11. Enjoy that possibility. It doesn’t hurt to treat ourselves to a visualisation of what success will look like. The more we do this the more we empower our subconscious mind to influence other levels of the mind, for our chief nemesis is the mind. But, with the mind on board we can achieve anything.

12. As we look back, being stuck in a moment we couldn’t get out of was an important precipice; we were taken to the cliff face for an important reason: decision time. As we recall those important decisions we made years ago, coupled with our courageous determination, we see how our faith paid off.

Now, off we go on the fresh challenge!

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

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